Hey darlings!

Yes, today I will explain you everything you need to know about the brushes! If you have never used a brush before, you might be wondering :”Why do we need them for? I’m fine applying my makeup with sponges/my hands.” That’s what I thought before, too. And I was so wrong! You can’t even imaging, how much easier it is to apply your makeup using brushes. Especially if you choose the right ones. The will do all the work by themselves! The only thing you will have to do is choose your colors, apply it to your brush and move it back and forth on your face!

Ok, I understand, that if you have no brushes at all, it is kind of costly to buy them all at the same time. Especially because the good brushes really do cost a fortune. But, there are many others who are a bit less expensive and still are very good! And, you do not have to have them all. You can start by buying one or two from the basic brushes. Everything else you can buy after.

There are also brush sets you can buy. But on my experience, it is better to buy your brushes one by one: that way, they will be of better quality.

So, this are my brush must-haves. Here I’m talking about the shape and the usage of the brush. You don’t have to buy exactly the brushes that I have. I only give examples, many brands make brushes of similar size/shape. You will have to look for something that fits your budget and looks similar! And you’re done.

Basic makeup brushes:


Brushes must-haves

1. Powder brush.

This is clear: brush No.1 in my whole collection! Can’t live without it. Mine is big and fluffy and I prefer it that way: it’s so much easier to apply my powder all over my face just in a couple of movements! It is also quite soft, so that it doesn’t scratch my skin. Mine is Sephora 49 Rounded Powder/Poudre XL.

2. Angled blush brush.

Basically, if you do not do face contour, you can skip this one, or use it instead of No.3: blush brush. I use it to contour my face with. This shape is perfect to create a shadow under my cheek bone! I have other contouring brushes, but I still prefer to use this one daily. This is MAC 168 Large Angled Contour Brush.

3. Blush brush.

This speaks to itself: here you apply your blush with. This brush has a perfect shape for the apples of your cheeks. You can apply your blush heavily with it, but you can also barely touch it to create just a hint of a blush. The brush I’m using is MAC 116 Blush Brush.

4. Foundation brush.

The one on the picture is the ‘classic foundation brush’. You can apply your foundations using so many brushes, like buffing brush, duofibre brush, others. When you will be more experienced with brushes, you might want to try them out also to find out what works best for you. For me, this brush is the best to apply classic liquid foundations. This is the Bobbi Brown Foundation Brush.

5. Concealer brush.

Obviously, if you use a concealer in a pen, they often have a brush inside of it already, so you will not need it. But, if you use concealer in a pot, like MAC’s Studio Finish Concealer, this might actually be quite useful. I use Bobbi Brown Concealer Blending Brush.

6. Kabuki brush.

I love this brush! Probably, this one is my favourite. I often have it in my bag with me, in the case I need the touch-ups on my face. Because it is so small and has a velvet bag with it, it is so easy to carry it around with you! It is an all-rounder: you can apply your powder, blush, meteorites, blend, anything you want with it. I definitely recommend it! This is Chanel Touch-up Brush/Pinceau Retouche.

Eyes and lips.

Brushes must-haves

7. Pencil brush.

I use this one to draw the outer V of my eyes, or to deepen the color, or to apply light shade in the inner corner of the eyes. It is very dense, has lots of hair and keeps its shape very well. This is MAC 219 Pencil Brush.

8. Fluffy blending brush.

This is an eyeshadow must-have! Basically, you can start by buying this one. If you want, you can do your whole eye makeup just using this brush. I use it to apply my eyeshadow with (when I need a smokey effect). And, it is perfect for blending. Love it! Mine is MAC 217 Blending Brush.

9.  Eye shader brush.

This is a basic brush to apply your eyeshadow with. All over your eyelid, or just in the spot you want. This brush has natural hair (and that’s the main difference with No.10 brush). MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush.

10. Synthetic eye shader brush.

This is the same as the previous one, except for it’s made of synthetic hair. So, I use it to apply my eyeshadow with. It is especially good to apply a more intense layer. Also, it is better to use this one for pigments and/or cream eyeshadow. This is MAC 242 Shader Brush.

11. Small eyeshadow brush.

When you want to underline your lower lash line, or you want to intensify your outer corner, or work out your inner corner, for any precise work: you need to use this brush. It will apply your eyeshadow exactly in the spot you want it to be. I have MAC 228 Mini Shader Brush.

12. Eyeliner brush.

Again, this is the ‘classic’ eyeliner brush. I am not happy with particularly this one – I know MAC produce exactly the same kind of brush but thinner, and I would prefer to use the later version. When I apply eyeliner with this one, the line is slightly too thick. But, this is the classic eyeliner brush shape, so I thought I’d still include it in this list. Keep in mind, the thinner the brush, the thinner your line will be. This is MAC 209 Eye Liner Brush.

13. Small angled brush.

This brush is perfect for two purposes: for modelling your eyebrows and it can also be used for the eyeliner. I like to use it for both purposes. It is perfectly easy to draw a perfect eyeliner and a perfect flick with it. The only thing is, it is better to use an angled brush made of natural hair for your eyebrows. For your eyeliner, it is better to get one made of synthetic hair. My brush is Essence Gel Eyeliner Brush.

14. Lip brush.

This is obvious: a brush you apply your lipstick with. If you wear only nudes, you can easily live without. But, if you like to wear reds, pigmented lipsticks, using a lip brush will help you create the perfect shape. This is mini Dior Lip Brush from a Travelling set.

So, this was it for today, I hope I’ve cleared some things out for you. Follow the updates to find out more beauty basics! Have a nice day!