The foundation types could be classified in many ways. According to their finish, for example, there are foundations that are matte, glowy, dewy finish. None of them is ‘good’ or ‘bad’, it just depends on your preferences and skin type. For example, I would recommend you to be careful choosing a foundation with a glowy finish if you have oily skin. This because your face is risking to look too oily.
Then, foundation’s coverage is another criterium, which goes from sheer to medium to heavy. This category’s clear, I suppose.
In this article, I will focus my attention only to foundation types and not the tools. I will make another article where I will explain different ways of applying foundations, give you the list of all the possible tools and their pro’s and contra’s. Now let’s switch over to the topic of the day: foundation types.

So, here are the main foundation types:


I guess, this is the most popular type of the foundation. It works well for any skin type, and I suppose every girl has ever used this one. This classic type is perfect for any occasion, you can wear it alone or powder it off. Almost any brand has this type of foundation, examples would be Covergirl TrueBlend, Catrice Photo Phinish 18h.

Perfect for you if: you like the ‘standard’ scheme: foundation + light powder; your skin is not too dry/oily.


Imagine you have liquid cream (liquid foundation in our case) and you make whipped cream out of it. The whipped cream’s texture would be close to mousse. Generally, these foundations have lighter coverage due to its texture, they’re smooth and easy to apply with your fingers. The example is Maybelline Dream Mat Mousse.

Perfect for you if: you want to apply your foundations easily, your skin is dry/normal.


This type is not very popular, still worth mentioning. These foundations have the same qualities as normal liquid ones, the difference is in the form. Many ask themselves, how should I apply spray foundation? I find it the easiest to first spray a foundation on a brush (like Dior Powder Foundation Brush or Real Techniques Buffing Brush) and then apply it to your face. The example is Dior Airflash. I am using this foundation in one of my videos, click here to watch it.

Perfect for you if: you want good coverage and want to try something new.

Tinted Moisturizer.

This like a foundation ‘light’. It basically combines a foundation and a moisturizer in it. Mostly, they only give a light coverage just enough to even your skin tone. Some of them can be used instead of a moisturizer (like Shiseido), others just as a usual foundation. This is my summer’s favorite! As they’re so light, they tend to stay on well during the hotter days and don’t give a feeling that you wear too much makeup. Example: Dior Hydra-Life

Perfect for you if: your skin is (almost) perfect and you just need to even out your skin tone.


This type is mostly used when you want a full coverage. Almost cakey, as if you apply too much your skin will look unnatural. I don’t like it because of that, but they’re great if you need to make a picture or want your skin to look flawless for some special occasion, while putting the least amount of effort into it. I wouldn’t say it’s the best to wear it every day, though. Example: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, Bobbi Brown Cream Compact Foundation.

Perfect for you if: you want a full coverage.


This is simply a powder, which gives you full coverage and can be used instead of a foundation. I used to use powder foundations for a very long time. It’s easy and you can apply it everywhere, even on the go. Also, you can easily do touch-ups throughout the day. Example: Max Factor Pure Stay, Catrice.

Perfect for you if: you want all the benefits of a foundation in a powder form.


A foundation stick will give you a full coverage. I would not recommend to use it all over your face, only on your t-zone to highlight it. I often use it for contouring purposes (for a special occasion), it gives a nice photoshop effect and looks gorgeous on the photos. Example: Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick.

Perfect for you if: you want to look photoshopped on your photos or you have a special occasion when your face has to look perfect.


This is kind of foundation I know the least about, as I never had any interest for it. I am talking about the ‘real’ minerals, not the a-la mineral powders of popular brands. This is the ‘natural’ makeup that considers only of minerals and natural ingredients. They were created to exclude the irritating ingredients from the makeup. Some of the mineral brands succeeded in that, others don’t. From what I know, people love or hate it and as there were always many reviews from people saying it clogged their pores, made skin look dull/grey/irritated, I was always afraid try. Recently I ordered some samples, I will let you know what I thought about it! Example: Everyday Minerals Semi-Matte.

Perfect for you if: you want to use natural makeup and your skin is tolerant for it.

I also wanted to include the explanation about BB creams in this post, but this would make it huge, so I decided to make a separate article about Blemish Balms.

What is your favorite foundation type?

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