Hey! Summer has finally left to the better places, and we have to deal with upcoming autumn. No worries, we’ll be prepared! I felt like wearing this blouse I bought recently in Primark (you can watch my haul video here). I love how it fits and the quality is surpringly good. This legging I’ve bought during my trip to Paris, I’m sure you can still find it! It is soft and has a fancy gold zipper on the bottom. Love it! Shoes I’ve bought some time ago, it used to be favorites, but I’m ashamed to say I haven’t worn them in a year! Here’s the good occasion.

What concerns my face, it was all about Chanel. Their creamy eyeshadow is perfect! The color is deep and shimmery and it lasts the whole day long! Wonderful. For the manicure I felt like going red, but not too red. So I  used red in combination with gold and added a little star strass.

So, here are some pictures, tell me what you thought about it. The full list of clothes and makeup you can find below. Do you like it?

Total look:
My shoes and zipper:
The accessoires and manicure:

The look:

shirt: Primark
legging: Zara
shoes: Pancaldi 1888
accessoires: Bijou Brigitte
belt: don’t remember the brand, it came with a dress I have
manicure: Mavala 206 Red Cancan and 106 Lamé Gold, Essence strass

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