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As I promised, time for a review for my Shiseido tinted moisturizer, Shiseido the skin care tinted moisture protection SPF 20 in 2 Medium. This is my summer must-have! Sometimes, when it’s really hot, I can even use it instead of my regular moisturizer. This is the first foundation I know that can actually replace a skin care product! I am so happy with it. Want to find out why and see my photos and swatches? Read further!

*Source of the picture: shiseido.com.

First, the packaging: it is a basic white tube with a narrow spout. It is hygienic though and the cream comes out very easily. You can regulate the amount of the moisturizer you want to receive. In general, simple, but tasteful. Also, 50ml for a tinted moisturizer is quite a lot! I’ve head mine for three years now. I do use it only in the summer though. This tinted moisturizer is available in two shades: 1 Light and 2 Medium. Mine is in shade 2 Medium.

Packaging and design: 9 out of 10.

Texture: When I needed a tinted moisturizer three years ago I didn’t read any reviews, I just went to my shop and tested all the tinted moisturizers that were available there at that time. Dior, Chanel…Shiseido’s texture was the best, it was silky and soft. It seemed the tinted moisturizer of the new generation. Its texture is wonderful, it is light, but evens the skintone out very well. This is my summer must-have! It will last all day long and because its moisturizing enough, you can use it instead of your regular moisturizer. Your skin will fell like you’re not wearing any makeup at all! When it’s a bit colder outside, you can treat your face with some extra hydration and apply it over your day cream. The scent of this tinted moisturizer is quite neutral.

Texture: 10 out of 10.

Finish: It gives your face a dewy finish. I have to powder it off though, otherwise it might make my face look oily in the hotter days. It doesn’t clog my pores or highlight them. It spreads evenly on my face.

Finish: 9 out of 10.

Stay: There we might have a problem, especially in the hotter days when it can just disappear from your face. I think this might be because of its texture which is moisturizing that it doesn’t last long enough. But I guess, not a lot of makeup can survive a real heat. Bobbi Brown’s Oil-free Tinted Moisture will have some less trouble with it, though. And again, we’re not talking here about long-lasting foundation, so, I guess, its ok. It will last a longer time when you powder it a bit with mattifying powder. I do it all the time and I can’t complain.

Stay: 8 out of 10.

Overall opinion: Despite some lack of longevity, I like this tinted moisturizer. If you prefer to use something with a light coverage and your skin is not oily, this the perfect solution for you.It does not clog pores. The other disadvantage is the colors: there are only two available. Light is too light and medium is not dark enough if you are tanned. An advantage would be an SPF 20. For me this is more than enough. All in all, great for the summer!

Overall rating: 8 out of 10.

Finally, some swatches.

 Shiseido tinted moisturizer

On my hand:

Shiseido tinted moisturizer

My bare face:


Using Shiseido Tinted Moisture Protection in 2 Medium:

Shiseido tinted moisturizer

What is your favorite foundation for the summer?

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