Couple of weeks ago I showed you how I cleanse my face at night. Today I will show you how I cleanse my face more profoundly. I do it once a week. When I do that, I do not even need to go to a specialist. I only do that once a 6 months or even a year. My pores become clean enough, my face has more even tone. I highly recommend you to do this kind of weekly cleansing! The only thing is that if your skin is very sensitive and you never steamed your face before, you may want to start by shorter try outs. Like, 3 minutes. If that goes well, you can increase the time. My skin is sensitive too and I never had problems with steaming. But it’s better to take some precautions in this case.

What I used in this video:

Camomille Herb Tea
Holy Land Lactolan Peeling
Holy Land Super Mask
Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré

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