BB Cream.

The BB cream or Blemish Balm was initially invented in Germany to help patients’ skin regenerate after laser skin surgeries. Its makeup potential was then discovered by Asian actresses. They made it popular within the Asian people.

So, some years ago it was only known in Asia, many Korean, Japanese and Chinese brands had those creams. Why were the Asian women so crazy about it? I guess, because most of BB creams are whitening and this is the most desired effect of the Asian women.

A BB cream is like 7-in-one cream:

  • it makes your skin tone even
  • it has whitening effects
  • it hydrates your skin
  • it heals your blemishes and spots
  • it has high SPF factor (thus good sun protection)
  • it provides your face with a natural glow
  • it repairs your skin cells

Of course, this is only theory. I didn’t notice any repair, nor that it healed my blemishes. Whitening effect is also not what I’m searching for, so a BB cream is definitely not my favorite. I will give it a second chance though, I am thinking this winter, when my skin will be pale. Also, I need extra hydration in the winter.

Unlike me, many women are fond of BB creams, so European makeup brands decided to support the trend and make their own ones. I’ve tried some, like Garnier BB cream. Unfortunately, the effects promised by Garnier were not the reality I’ve seen. It was too greasy, clogged my pores, besides it was more like a tinted moisturizer. So, if you want a real BB cream – search in the Asian brands, the most famous are Misscha, Skin79, Tony Moly, Hanskin, Hada Labo, Skinfood.

Perfect for you if: you want a high SPF protection, good coverage and whitening effects.

CC cream.

CC cream is an innovation! It stands for a Color Control cream, it is an improved BB cream. It provides more coverage ans has more nourishing ingredients, which makes it more interesting for more mature skin. Despite the fuller coverage and nourishing effects, it has lighter texture. Sounds perfect! I didn’t try it out yet but I will make sure I will when I will have the opportunity to do that.

What is you favorite BB cream?

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