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Hello Anna I need your advice :) I am looking for a mascara, I’m almost done with mine so I am looking for something new. Now I use Max Factor one (in black packaging, I don’t remember the name). What could you recommend me?


Sure! Although mascara is something personal, some people hate and some people love the same mascara. I like when it prolongs my eyelashes, leaves them separated. I don’t like when it looks too thick. But choosing one also depends on your budget, I will give you different opportunities.

From luxury brands I prefer Lancome Hypnose. I’ve used it for many years now – it still is my favourite. I love the formula. I have very sensitive eyes, I get allergic to some mascaras. I don’t have this reacting to this mascara. It prolongs my eyelashes, separates them. It stays well for the whole day long and may even survive the rain.

From mass market products I can recommend you Maybelline The Falsies Volum’ Express. This is a great one! I like the most of Maybelline mascaras anyway. Or you can check out Yves Rocher Lash Plumping Mascara, it’s a good one too, but mine is waterproof, I’m not sure it’s ok for you.

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