These are basically the rules that I always follow.

I am quite a chaotic person but what refers to the beauty section, I follow some strict rules. Are you interested in what makes me get up 1,5 hours earlier every morning?

So here are the three golden rules.

Number one. Cleansing. I will never stop saying that it is essential to cleanse your face, twice a day, before going to bed and after waking up. This will help keeping your pores clean, your skin will look fresh and healthy. If you are young, it is possible you will not see the results of sleeping with your makeup right away, but believe me, you will in the long run. You can choose among many different products to cleanse your face with. In this video I showed you how I cleanse my face every evening.

Number two. Once a week you should cleanse your face more thoroughly. You could use a mask, peeling or scrub to do that. This will do the deep pore cleansing, help your skin breathe. You can do some extra for your skin by steaming it before the procedures.

Number three.

Nowadays cosmetics industry have achieved good results what concerns the quality of the makeup products. So I use makeup all the time! Some people think it will clog pores, you shouldn’t use makeup to make your skin breathe. I think you should better use makeup to protect it from air pollution etc. And yes, you will look prettier! I also love the whole process. It is my daily routine which I adore!

So these were my three basic rules!