What is the most important thing in someone’s appearance? You would probable say “style, skin, taste, fashion”. I would add “perfume’. To me perfumes are associations with certain time and emotion, I feel and live with it. I love perfumes and have some little collection. Today I will highlight the “other” perfumes, niche perfumes. They are higher than high end as they don’t care about packaging. All pefrumes look the same. What it really is about are the notes and components. There you can really follow the pyramide. So today I will review one of my favorites: Serge Lutens – Datura Noir.

Serge Lutens Datura Noir
Datura Noir litterally means Black Datura. I think this name is more than appropriate. I will not describe and name the notes, you can search it up. I will describe my emotions and feelings when I wear this fragrance…

…Did you watch Disney’s Aladdin? Of course you did. Well, to me, this is the Aladdin’s smell. It is oriental, sweet. You walk on the market and smell the baklava. Somewhere close a vendor sells cocoa and even further almond. Almond is not yet fried, it is very fresh. All of this smells so deep and sweet…Desire! It’s hot (and yes I prefer to wear this fragrance when it’s hot). This is the temperature when it really becomes a magic perfume and you can feel the 100% of its beauty. You walk further, now on the field, somewhere you can smell the lemon tree blooming. And there he comes, a wonderful prince that offers you a tuberose flower. This fragrance will take you to where it’s hot and warm, it is feminine, sensual, sweet but not too much. I would definitely recommend it to you if you like complicated, sweet, heavy fragrances.

You can also listen to: Alan Menken – A Whole New World (from Aladdin).

Where to buy and price: There is an official boutique in Paris where you can buy the Serge Lutens fragrances. But you can also purchase them online on their official website. Price: 82E for 50 ml.