I remember many years ago I received a manicure set as a present. All those weird tools, I didn’t understand what they were for. I know it might be confusing. So today I decided to write this guide for manicure tools! Short and easy, I will leave the tools I never use and only give you my must-haves that I use every time I do my manicure.

Of course you can go to a professional for your manicure but I almost always do that at home. That because I do not have to make an appointment, it is quite easy to do and it only takes me half an hour including polish. I know if you’ve never done it before, it might take more time. But again, the same here as with the eyeliner: all you need to do is practice.

So, here are my must-have manicure tools:

Manicure tools

1. Scissors.

Ok, this one is clear. I do not use it all the time, only when I need to cut my nails. I usually prefer to file them, but when my nails get too long I prefer to cut them first. Scissors is a fine old-school tool. You do need to file your nails after cutting, that to make their edges more even and smooth so they are less vulnerable and break less.

2. Clipper.

This is an even easier tool to cut your nails than a scissor. I mostly use it for my pedicure or when I’m in a hurry. It cuts your nails, one movement and it’s done. I do feel like it damages your nails a bit more than a scissor.

3. Cuticle nipper.

This is a special tool to cut your cuticle. Normally, I wouldn’t consider you do that, except for in a special case. I prefer to push my cuticle instead and cut them only if really can’t do otherwise. You have to be very careful with this one in order not to cut yourself.

4. Manicure sticks.

They have two different ends: one is diagonally cut and the other is pointed. With the first one I push my cuticle, the second is a great tool to correct your polish. A good tip: when they get blunt and dirty, you can file the ends away and they’ll be as good as new!

5. Nail buffer.

This buffer has 4 different sides: they’re marked 1, 2, 3, 4 and that’s exactly the order in which you should use them. Sometimes you can find combined buffer and files. In that case, normally, you can file your nails with 1 and 2 and buff them with 3 to 6. While buffing nails? This will make them smoother and shinier, nail polish will hold better and they’re be nicer to look at.

6. Nail files.

On the picture you see two of them: black one is to give a rough shape and suits better thick nails (I use it for my pedicure) and white one is for finer shaping and thinner nails. You need to find the one that will fit your nails best. There are a lot of nail files, these are from carton, but there are also metallic ones (they damage your nails), glass, crystal and others.