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Hey Anna I am looking for an eyeshadow palette with neutral colors. I’ve seen in MAC online store that I can buy loose eyeshadows and make a palette out of it. But there are so many shades out there, could be recommend me some beige neutrals? Or maybe something pinkish? I want to wear them everyday. I am blonde, my skin is fair and I have blue eyes. Thanks!


I know it seems very hard to choose eyeshadows out. Of course it would be better to test them first. But if you do not have that ability and would love to order MAC eyeshadows anyway, here is my list for you: Vanilla as all over the crease. Vanilla is a light beige shade. You can also go for Orb it is slightly darker and has tiny bit of pink in it. Then, Yoghurt:  it is also very light but has clear pink tint. If you want a real nude, go for Brule: it is perfect not only as a basic color but you can blend out other eyeshadows with it. For something darker in the crease you can go for Patina: it is mid-toned brown with slight grey-gold shimmer. If you’re looking for a brown that’s not too dark and matte, check out Soft Brown. I hope this was useful for you!

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