Question of the day:

Anna, hi. I didn’t ever see you talking about/showing your perfumes. Hence the question – I would like to see the perfumes you use. I’m just curious but that could help me choose later. Thanks.

Hi! That’s true, I realize now that I’ve never shown any of my perfumes. I have quite a collection but at this moment I mostly use one: Guerlain Idylle. Mine is in classic eau de parfum version. It is soft, lady-like, classic, floral. Even though I generously don’t like floral fragrances, I do like this one.

My big perfume love is Serge Lutens. I love his fragrances (not all of them of course), but I have 4 at this moment and I definitely want more. This are higher-level, niche fragrances, they live along with you.

I also like many of YSL fragrances including the new Manifesto.

My summer/beach fave is Jil Sander Sun. It doesn’t contain any alcohol which makes it appropriate to wear on the beach.

A night out fragrances are Alien by Thierry Mugler or Crystal Noir by Versace.

In general, I prefer the sweet, heavy fragrances, containing jasmine, vanilla, tonka beans. Normally I don’t like too sweet, candy, floral perfumes. But of course there are exceptions.

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