Today I decided to do a different kind of post. Namely, home-made masks. These are kind of masks you can make at home. I don’t say it is the only remedy but it’s a good extra to your visits to professional and other masks that you normally use.

So let’s start. If you want to cleanse your skin and pores, even out your skin tone you can do the following:

  1. Oatmeal.

How to? I know it sounds a bit weird but it helps very well against clogged pores and uneven skin tone. You take a little bit of oatmeal into your hand. Then you put it under the water for a couple of seconds and then you start washing your face with it. You can use it after or instead your cleansing gel.

For how long? You can use it every day or for 10 days long as intensive therapy.

Result? Cleansed pores, more even skin tone.

  1. Aspirin mask.

How to? You need to take 2 aspirin pills (acetyl salycilyc acid). Then you put it on a little plate and add 2 drops of water. Then you wait until the pills get humid and soft. Then you can add honey or avocado. I prefer this mask with avocado as my skin gets red after honey. You can choose whatever your skin likes best. Then you apply it on your face, wait for 10 minutes and wash it off.

For how long? You have to do it for 10 times and there you can choose to do it either 10 days in a row or every other day for 20 days. After you’re done you can do it once a week to keep the effect.

Result? This is a great mask with good peeling effects. I like doing it every autumn to cleanse my skin thoroughly. Don’t forget to use your sunscreen after. The skin is renewed, even, bright and glowy!

  1. Grape seed oil.

How to? This is more for the ones with combination and oily skin. You can buy this oil either in supermarket or in the pharmacy. Use it instead of night cream.

For how long? All the time or whenever you feel like your skin needs it.

Result? Your pores will tighten and your face will become less oily.

  1. Clay mask.

How to? You will need clay of any color that you mix with water. I take 2 soup spoons of water for every soup spoon of clay. You can add any oils you want into it. Apply it on your face, wait for 10 minutes and wash it off with a sponge.

For how long? Once a week.

Result? It cleanses the pores, tightens them and prevents break-outs.

  1. Sponge.

How to? Always wash your face with a sponge! It will exfoliate your skin gently and prevent pores from clogging. Your skin will breathe and feel smooth. I like the sponges from Body Shop.

For how long? All the time.

Result? The pores are cleansed, the skin is renewed. I really feel like this step improved my skin so much! I highly recommend this.

This is it for today, this is only a small part of home-made recipes for beauty masks.

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