Kerastase. Without any doubt, Kerastase is one of the most well-known and elite hair care brands. A girl with any hair type could find a matching product within their range. It is definitely not the cheapest brand also. But is it really worth it? I remember long time ago, my hair was really in a bad condition. And back then, Kerastase products saved my hair. I found these photos in my archives and I can’t wait to share my opinion with you! I will give a short review on all the products shown on the photos.


Let’s begin:

  1. Biosilk silk therapy. I don’t know exactly what it does on this photo but well as it is here I’ll review it too. Biosilk is quite light serum, with lots and lots of silicones in it which you can feel. I apply it on my hair after styling as a finishing touch. It makes my hair look good and shiny! But it doesn’t really improve my hair condition. (link)
  2. Kerastase serum nutria-sculpt. This is a special hair ends serum. I apply it every time after I blow dried my hair. It does make them look better but yet again, no real effect, just visual one. I don’t mind though, I still like this serum.
  3. Kerastase lumiere nutri-sculpt. This is a heavy cream. I apply it on dry hair after I’ve washed them. It nourishes my hair very well and I think it even has some real effect. It protects my hair well. Quite good one, too.
  4. Kerastase vernis nutri-sculpt. This is a shine spray. Doesn’t do anything but gives your hair shine. But oh yeah shine it does! This is a must for a night out! But I don’t use it every day.
  5. Kerastase Elixir Ultime. This is a must-have product! I had this classis one, but now there are 2 other oils in this line and also a whole new Kerastase Elixir Ultime Line with Shampoo and Mask! I love the shampoo by the way. But let’s switch to this oil. It is a great universal hair product – you can use it before washing your hair or after as a serum. It nourishes, revives it. I really do see the effect, it’s wonderful! It doesn’t make your hair look greasy at all. And, you only need a tiny but of product. (link)
  6. Kerastase nectar thermique. This is heat protection cream. I use it every time I want to straighten my hair with iron. It works very well. This is a nourishing cream, but I’m fine with that because my hair is dry. If your hair is normal/oily, you might look for something lighter. (link)

Now let’s switch to the main heroes: shampoo, mask and conditioner. All the three are from kerastase nutri-thermique line, which is recommended for the ones with dry/very dry hair. It’s the best to use your mark every other time you wash your hair. I see the best result when I apply it for 15 minutes on towel-dry hair and then put a plastic bag and a towel over it. My hair felt so soft and nice after! I definitely recommend you to try this.


  1. Kerastase bain nutri-thermique. This is a nourishing shampoo for dry hair of very good quality. Great for the ones with dry hair like me! (link)
  2. Kerastase masque nutri-thermique. This is the best product of the whole line! Love it! (link)
  3. Kerastase fondant nutri-themique. This is a great conditioner, it doesn’t weigh down my hair but still gives it enough nourishment to feel soft and look pretty. (link)

So if your hair is like mine (wavy, thin, semi-long, dry) I definitely can recommend you all the products I described above.

I would also like to say following. Maybe you thought something like “Why using all of this? I only use a shampoo and I’m fine!” You must be very lucky to have perfect hair then! Unfortunately, I don’t. And I do feel and see the difference between how my hair was before and how it is now. I’ve experimented a lot with color and everything in the past so now I have to deal with the results. I am happy with the way my hair looks now, but this is all the result of good hair care products.

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