I guess you might know by now that I love German brand called Catrice. I love it for budget prices and relatively high quality! The more products I get from this brand the more I love it. Recently I’ve been surfing for new collections and I found this one! Catrice spring/summer 2013 collection! Every year around this time of the year they make a new collection with a lot of new products. Unfortunately this also means that a couple of other products will be discontinued. It is still not known which that will be but what we do already know is the new collection and new products! I got so excited I thought I needed to share this with you guys! So hereby I present you my highlights from Catrice spring/summer 2013 collection. I must mention also the source of my information: kosmetikaddicted.blogspot.nl. You can read the original post here (it is in German). That is why all the photos are marked ‘Kosmetikaddicted’. I can’t wait to see this collection in the stores (it will be available in February)!

Catrice BB Cream.

The product I expect the most is probably the BB cream. It will come out in 4 shades: (010 Light Beige, 020 Rosy Beige, 030 Nude Beige, 040 Warm Beige). As the packaging says, it will be a 6-in-1 BB cream (balancing, correcting, protecting, illuminating, covering, moisturizing). Sounds promising! I really hope this will be a good product with light coverage. The 30 ml of product will cost 5.99 euro.

Catrice BB cream

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Quattro Eyeshadow.

This is the second product that got my attention. It will come in 3 different shades (070 Mud Spencer & Coralle Hill, 080 Yellow Submagreen, 090 Before or After Eight?). I am especially interested about the 090 Before or After Eight?. It looks lovely! I hope the quality will be good. The other shades are quite nice, too. These quads will cost 4.49 euro.

catrice absolute eye colour quattro eyeshadow

Catrice Intensif’eye Wet & Dry Shadow.

This is the next product I am very interested about and it is eyeshadow as well. These baked eyeshadows already exist in the product line but this year 4 new shades will come out (070 Dr. Bluelittle, 080 Please Gold the Line, 090 Ninja Purples, 100 Glamourose). I’ve tested these eyeshadows before and I was quite impressed by the quality. Unfortunately the colours were not too tempting so I never bought this product. I hope the new shades will be amazingly pigmented and beautiful. For now I love 090 Ninja Purples and 100 Glamourose. The expected price is 3.79 euro each.

catrice intensifeye wet dry shadow

Catrice Absolute Nude Eye Shadow Palette.

This is something new! It looks like a good everyday palette that could be used by anyone. Because brown shades suit everyone! This might be a budget must-have for nude makeup. The palette will cost 4.99 euro.
catrice absolute nude eye shadow palette

Catrice Calligraph – Ultra Slim Eyeliner Pen.

This is a totally new product also and what I really like about it – look how thin it looks! Those kind of eyeliners are the easiest way to do your eyeliner especially with a thin end like this one. The disadvantage is that it will come in one shade only: black (010 blackest black). And the price is really budget-proof: 2.99 euro.
catrice calligraph ultra slim eyeliner pen

Catrice Long Lasting Eye Pencil Waterproof.

Look at those shades! I mean, I am an absolute fan of using coloured eye pencils in my makeup. And here you’ve got a lot to choose from! These eye pencils come in 8 shades (010 New Kids On The Black, 020 The World’s Greytest, 030 Gold Shatterhand, 040 Karate with Bronze Lee, 050 Brown Town Girl, 060 Moss Undercover, 070 Blue Berrymore, 080 These Blues are made for walking). For any type of makeup! The price will be 2.29 euro each.
catrice long lasting eye pencil waterproof

Catrice Eye Brow Filler – Perfecting & Shaping Gel.

I guess you all know that I love eyebrow gels. My favourite for now has been eyebrow gel by ELF which I showed you in my favourite 2012 video. Now Catrice decided to bring out their own brow shaper gel! It will cost 3.49 euro – a bit cheaper than ELF’s one!
catrice eye brow brow filler perfecting shaping gel

Catrice Waterproof Top Coat.

This is a mascara top coat that turns any type of mascara into waterproof one! Sounds promising as now you won’t need to buy waterproof mascara for one time you go to swimming pool. It will cost 4.49 euro.
catrice waterproof top coat

Catrice Ultimate Colour – Lip Colour.

You know how much I love my Catrice lipsticks! I did an article on them before. So, there will be 3 new shades in Ultimate Colour line: 240 Hey Nude, 250 Matt About Pink, 260 It’s A Matt World. And actually I love all 3! Each lipstick will cost 3.99 euro.
catrice ultimate colour

Catrice Re-Touch Light – Reflecting Concealer.

The last product I wanted to show you is this reflecting concealer. This is a budget version of YSL’s Touche Eclat – one of the most popular and bestselling highlighter pens. Catrice Re-Touch Light will be at 3.99 euro.
catrice re touch light reflecting concealer

Are you planning to buy something from the new collection by catrice?

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