Recently I’ve tried a lot of products for skin care. I’ve tested lots and lots of drugstore skin care, of high-end brands and professional creams. Then during my visit to Paris I went to a local pharmacy because I desperately needed a night cream. A young woman said people were happy about the brand called Filorga. It is a French brand of which I’ve never heard before but the woman was so enthusiast about it so I decided to give it a chance. I’ve tried the Filorga Sleep and Peel Cream out and decided that I wanted more. So today I will review the Filorga Sleep and Peel Resurfacing Night Cream and Hydra-Filler Pro-Youth Boosting Moisturizer.
So as I said, I’ve never heard of this brand before. But back there in the pharmacy I had the chance to try its texture and I was quite impressed. My skin felt hydrated, it was smooth and nice and radiant. I was so impressed that I decided to buy this cream, Filorga Sleep and Peel Resurfacing Night Cream.

Then I came back home and I decided to do some research on the brand. Filorga is a French brand that produce skin care of very good quality. I must say, I was very impressed when I found out they were the ones that produce the products and shots for mesotherapy (their medical products line). They also have a set of creams, serums and other you can use at home (public products line). I must also say that this brand is more orientated at more mature skin. You can see that in their products: 90% of them have as target anti-aging, lifting and other features.

Let’s go on to reviews. I would like to start from the cream I bought first, Filorga Sleep and Peel Resurfacing Night Cream.

Product description of Filorga Sleep and Peel Resurfacing Night Cream:

Filorga Sleep & Peel

Filorga Sleep & Peel

To the NCTF® and Hyaluronic acid cocktail are added 6 varieties of hydroxyacids (AHA and BHA) of different molecular sizes that guarantee progressive and controlled exfoliations. Liposome encapsulated Azelaic Acid and Pyruvic acid provide a hydrating* and antioxidant triple action. Two matrikin peptides combined with brown algae and alpha arbutin provide a protective, lightening and efficient anti-ageing action.

The skin is intensely smoothed and brighten. It regains beauty and glow : complexion irregularities are reduced.

*Hydration of the superior layers of the epidermis.**

My opinion:

I liked this cream a lot. Its texture is quite dense but not oily. It absorbs very quickly. This cream does work and you can feel it: it feels like your skin is tinteling. But this is normal as these are acids working and cleaning up your skin. It will be gone after some time, you’ll get used to it. Well, at least I did, even though I have a hyper-sentitive skin. It doesn’t dry your skin out, I would say even that it hydrates it. But if you live in a cold climate I would recommend you to use this cream every other day. The resting days I think it’s better to use a good nourishing cream. That way you will make sure your skin will be in balance. After several days I started to see the result: my skin had a more even color, my pores got smaller. My acne was gone (yes I still had some acne back then). This cream does work! And it didn’t clog my pores. Perfect! I think I might even repurchase this cream.

Overall mark: 9 out of 10.

Where to buy filorga sleep and peel cream: farmaline

After the succes of Sleep and Peel I was eager to try something else out from Filorga’s range. As skin hydration has always been my problem I decided to try out the Hydra-Filler Pro-Youth Boosting Moisturizer.

Product description of Filorga Hydra-Filler Pro-Youth Boosting Moisturizer:

Filorga Hydro-Filler

Filorga Hydro-Filler

Two effective hyaluronic acids that act in synergy to deeply hydrate and plump up the skin:
/ High-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid for deep hydrating action and micro-filling of dehydration wrinkles and lines. / Micro-fragmented hyaluronic acid to stimulate the production of collagen I to plump up the skin. a lipid-replenishing complex to boost the synthesis of non-hydroxylised ceramides (+256%) and re-programme the skin’s natural hydration process.

The skin, as if bathed in comfort, is plumped up. dehydration wrinkles and lines are reduced, lines are loosened, and the complexion is radiant. **

My opinion:

I was disappointed. This cream didn’t hydrate my skin at all! I think it is more for mature skin that needs a different set of ingredients than my young skin. I think Hydra Filler would do a great job in filling in the wrinkles. But as I needed some heavy hydration and I didn’t get it, I can not recommend this to you. But nevertheless, the texture of this cream is nice, it gets absorbed very quickly and doesn’t clog my pores.

Overall mark: 5 out of 10.

Where to buy filorga hydra filler: farmaline

This is it for this time. I still have some products left that I would like to review for you but I’ll leave them for the next time.

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