Time for another empties (products I’ve used up) video! What is this? This is a very funny concept. Basically, I use makeup, skincare, bodycare products. The moment I use them up, I do not throw them away but collect them. As soon as I have collected enough for a video, I make one. In that video, I explain what I thought of all those products and whether I am going to repurchase them or not. You might be thinking: ‘Is she crazy, collecting all that stuff?’. But this is actually a very interesting concept. Just think of it: I used something up, so that means already that this something must not be horrible. Then, my opinion is as full as it can possibly be. Also, I can tell you whether I’d repurchase something or not. I think this is very useful! Besides, it is something new, as I do not know a lot of other blogger and youtubers who do this.

List of products I showed in this video:

Giorgio Armani bronzer in 1
YSL Gloss Pur in 2
Clarins Gentle Peeling
Ushuaia Hydrating Shower Gel in Grenade
Mixa Body Milk for dry skin
Body Shop body butter miniature in Moroccan Rose
Maybelline Express Top Coat Seche Vite
Dermophil lip balm

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