About a month ago I did a review on a Montagne Jeunesse mask for you. It is a kind of mask for one use only. I think it’s really handy as if you don’t like it, it’s fine, you are not stuck with a huge pot of product you don’t know what to do about. If you do like it, you can just go to your shop and buy more. Sounds perfect to me! So I decided I need to try out more of that kind of masks. Also, I’ve heard Asian makeup and skin care have a lot of that kind of masks. I did some searching and look what I’ve found in my stash! A Japanese sheet mask! It’s made by a brand called Kose. I have never heard about it and I don’t even remember where I’ve got this mask from. Must be from one of my orders from sasa. Or from ebay…Well, anyway! I decided to try it out and here are my thoughts.

kose mask

kose mask

It comes in a plastic bad that you have to tear open. Unfortunately, I don’t understand Japanese and I couldn’t figure out what it says on the mask. The only 2 things I knew about this mask: it is a whitening mask and you have to apply it during 10 minutes. The picture explained that it is also an eye mask. Great, I love 2-in-1 things! So I cleansed my skin as usual and applied it for 10 minutes. I must say, this mask also has disadvantages: you can’t apply it and go do what you have to do, you have to apply it and lay down because first: you don’t see anything as your eyes are covered with this mask and second, it tempts to glide off your face with every movement.

This is me wearing this mask:

kose mask

The mask and especially its ‘sauce’ are very sticky. When you remove it you can feel that very well. When I had it on I felt like thousand tiny needles penetrated my skin. Maybe there are acids in this mask (which could explain its whitening effect) that cause this sensation. It is not totally unpleasant but I could feel it. After I removed this mask my skin felt tight and fresh. But it was all covered in this mask’s sauce which didn’t want to get absorbed. It took it like 10 minutes to do so! After it was absorved I applied my night cream just as usual.

Here is the ‘before-after’ picture so you can see the difference:

kose mask

Overall opinion on Kose White mask:

This mask is definitely whitening, as you can see on the picture above my skin looks brighter and lighter. I also felt like it slightly improved my pores situation and diminished rednesses especially on my chin. I know my skin is not perfect at this moment and I surely prefer the ‘after’ photo. But its action didn’t stop the moment I removed it from my face. The next morning I woke up and noticed tiny skin flakes on my nose. My skin was a bit renewed. I also received a compliment on that day. Apparently my skin looked radiant and ‘smooth like a peach’. So I am happy with this mask. I think I will purchase more of sheet masks like this and I am definitely planning to explore the Asian skin care market!

Overall mark: 7.5 out of 10.

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