As you have understood from my recent haul video, I’ve been to London for a weekend in January. There I tested some of the Sleek products. The quality quality impressed me so I decided to buy 2 palettes: a set of blushes and an eyeshadow palette. It was almost impossible to make the choice because I liked almost all the palettes but wanted first to try one of them out to make sure they’re as good as they seem. Finally I decided I’d go for something original, vibrant eyeshadows that you can practically use for any type of makeup with color. They look so bright and vivid! So as you understood, I chose the Sleek Original Palette #594.

Packaging and design: 7.5 out of 10.

The palette comes in a simple box, it is of black matte plastic. The packaging is nice and sleek. You can easily take it with you if you go away for a weekend. Inside there is a huge mirror, a protective piece of plastic and a sponge. Sponge is worthless, as usual. There are 12 eyeshadows in this palette, each of them weighs 1.1 grams. Which makes the total weight of eyeshadows in this palette of 13.2 grams. Which is a lot!

sleek original palette

sleek original palette

Texture: 7.5 out of 10.

The texture of these eyeshadows is quite good: it is soft, buttery and very well pigmented. I found one shade chalky: the yellow one. The rest is fine. The brown shade is the smoothest with the highest pigmentation. I would prefer if they were satin, not frost and metallic. Their finish is a bit too frosty for me but they still look good on the eyes.


These are the 12 shades of this palette:

sleek original palette

sleek original palette

Let’s begin from the upper row.

1 The first shade is matte and black. It is quite chalky and one of the least pigmented of all.
2 Next we have lilac purple which is a satin eyeshadow. It is gorgeous! But I may be biased, I love purple eyeshadows.
3 Then we have deep navy blue color. It is one of the most interesting colors of this palette, it is very dark with a pearly finish.
4 Coming next is the aqua blue with a metallic finish.
5 Then there is a turquoise shade.
6 The last from this row is a blue-based green color.

The lower row:

7 The yellow contains glitters and has the most chalky and weird texture of all the eyeshadows. Its finish is frosty.
8 Next is the cool-toned light pink shade with a bit of gold in it.
9 Then we have pearly warm-toned dark pink. It is richly pigmented and has a metallic finish.
10 Next up is a copper shade.
11 Next is my favourite shade: bronze with gold. It is the most pigmented and rich shades of Sleek Original palette. But it is also quite chunky.
12 The last shadow is a golden olive shade.

sleek original palette

Overall opinion:

I chose this palette mainly because it is different from everything else that I have and because you can create a great variety of looks with it. I enjoyed working with this eyeshadows, they blend out easily. I don’t have any complaints about their quality. Considering the price of Sleek Original palette it is a great deal! But as I said, I would love if they were a bit less frosty and metallic. Then they would be perfect. Maybe it will work the best to combine a couple of shades from this palette with other matte eyeshadows. Because when I only use this palette on my eyes I felt like it was too much sparkle for me.

Overall mark: 7 out of 10.

Price: 7.99 pounds for 13.2 grams.

Where you can buy it:

Boots, Superdrug

Here I am wearing some of the eyeshadows from Sleek Original Palette:

sleek original palette