It took me some time to fall in love with Dior Airflash Foundation in 200. And guess what? I love it now and it was discontinued! As I’ve heard. But I can still see it on Dior US website so at least you can still get it there. And that’s why I decided to write a review to this foundation anyway.

Packaging and design: 10 out of 10.

The foundation comes in a spray which makes it unique. I’ve never seen a foundation like this before! I absolutely love it as it’s hygienic. There is 70 ml/2.3 fl oz in this foundation.


dior airflash

dior airflash

Many people have trouble with application. Me I found out what works best for me: I first spray it on a brush and apply it on my face next. You can see me do that in the following next videos:

Texture and coverage: 8 out of 10.

As I said, it’s a spray, quite lightweight but it does cover pretty well. It is mo go-to foundation when I need my face to look flawless, mostly that would be for some special occasion. But whenever I need more coverage in the day time I’ll wear this foundation, too.


My Dior Airflash is in 200 which is the lightest shade. It’s not that light though. In the winter it’s even a bit too dark for me. The shade is beige and slightly yellow. It doesn’t make me look yellow but it has this undertone.
dior airflash

Finish: 8.5 out of 10.

This foundation gives your face a nice air brushed silky finish. It’s not matte and I guess this is one of the least foundations I can wear without setting powder.

Overall opinion.

I love this foundation for its good coverage, it’s buildability, it’s flawless airbrushed finish. It might dry your skin out though and I would not recommend it for people with very dry skin. This is a perfect choice for a special occasion. There is only a limited amounts of shades which is too bad.

Overall note: 8 out of 10.

Price: $62 for 70ml/2.3 fl oz.

Where can you buy it:

This is before photo, I don’t wear any makeup here:

dior airflash foundation photo DSC07186_zpsd3059d62.jpg

Here I applied Dior Aiflash in 200:

dior airflash

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