I love doing a mask besides my weekly face cleansing now and then and I love these kinds of mask that you buy in a sachet. It is very accessible, you can buy it in a supermarket or drugstore, easy to apply, to remove. Sounds perfect. But is it really so? Here are my thoughts on Garnier Pure Self-Heating Sauna Mask.

garnier self heating sauna mask photo DSC08159_zps69c60a22.jpgFirst I have to mention the packaging. It is a typical sachet but this one is actually 2-in-1. You tear it into two parts which have their proper openings so the mask will not dry out. I must say, it is quite hard to tear it open. That is a slight disadvantage. Mask itself comes out easily and has a thick texture. It is kind of clay. It smells very fresh and nice. It applies smoothly over the face. The packaging says that you have to apply it on your face while giving a special attention to your T-zone and rinse it off your face after 3 minutes. I actually let it on my face for about 10 minutes. After you’ve applied this mask you have to massage your face gently to activate the heat. And I did feel the heating sensation, so the warming effect works quite good! After I removed this mask, my skin felt incredibly tight and dry.

This is how my skin looked before:

garnier self heating sauna mask photo DSC08174-41_zps43385f66.jpg

And this is after the mask:

garnier self heating sauna mask photo DSC08201_zps782a45d1.jpg

As you can see, there is not really much difference between these two photos.

Overall opinion:

Actually I didn’t think this mask did a lot for my skin. Except for warming it up and drying it out. Although it was a pleasant and relaxing experience, I don’t think I will repurchase this product. Too bad! The mask from Montagne Jeunesse that I’ve tried worked way better.

Overall note: 6.5 out of 10.

Price: 1.35 euro for 2 masks.

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