Last week I showed you how I do my daily highlighting. Sometimes I want a heavier effect. Think of going out, photoshoot and all other times you want your face to look flawless. In such cases I use the special events (heavy) method which is quite different from the one I showed you before. Want to find out how to glow like a star?

Special events (heavy) method.

This one requires a bit more of work and preparation. Because when you use this method you’re actually going to reshape your face. So, my highlighter will go on to my forehead, center of my nose, top of my cheek bones, above my upper lip, on the center of my chin, under my eyebrows. Here is the scheme:


So as you can see I used the normal highlighting scheme as a basics but in this case I apply highlighter on absolutely all the places the light would naturally fall. And that’s the difference!

For this method it’s better to avoid shimmery products, especially is your skin is oily. I would recommend to use the following products (think again to take a shade that is lighter than your natural skin tone):

  • liquid foundation,
  • concealer,
  • brightening/highlighting products (think of products like YSL Touche Eclat),
  • white (jumbo) pencils,
  • highlighters (but not the shimmery ones),
  • eyeshadows (of course, the lighter shades and avoid metallic and shimmery ones),
  • powder.

When to apply highlighter?

It depends on the scheme and the type of highlighter. For example, if I am using the heavy method and white jumbo pencil, I will apply it before foundation. If I use liquid foundation as my highlighter or anything other that is liquid (concealer, highlighter pen) I will apply it after applying my foundation but before the setting powder. And if I use any kind of powdery highlighters I generally apply it after the setting powder.

If we’re talking the contour-blush application order, for me I do contour-blush-highlighter.

Tomorrow I will show you how I highlight my face for a special event.

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