Lumiere Cosmetics Loose Mineral Foundations. Review, photos and swatches. Part 2

Last week I started writing my review about Lumiere Cosmetics Loose Mineral Foundation Bases but it was too long so I decided to split it into 2 parts. I showed you my order and did swatches on all the powders last time. Today I will briefly review all the powders I’ve tried and I will also show you how each one of them looked on my face.

On all the photos that you will see here I am wearing no setting powder because I tested all the powders without setting powder. Then when I tested every one of them I tested the one that I liked the most with each setting powder that I’ve got. Frankly I didn’t see any effect from the setting powder. I applied all the powders on my Caudalie Vinosource SOS Serum and Embryolisse Hydra Mat Emulsion using Sephora Mineral Foundation Brush 45.

Lumiere Flawless Face in light medium neutral.


The coverage is medium in 1 coat, full in 2. This is the most covering foundation base from lumiere (and the only covering I must say). I didn’t need to use concealer (only on 1 big spot post-acne). Its finish is satin and I liked that it was not matte. The powder first looked cakey but was absorbed in a minute or two, skin looked flawless, bare, glowy. Unfortunately it didn’t last at all. I mean, I didn’t use any setting powder so maybe that was it. But when I did try wear it with setting powder I didn’t see any difference. This is the worst powder ever what refers to lasting power: before I finished my makeup, it already looked oily so I had to do touch-ups throughout the day, in the end of the day skin looked oily. As an advantage, my skin felt nice and soft. Actually I didn’t have an impression that it clogged my pores.


Is perfect for me!

lumiere cosmetics mineral foundation base photo

Lumiere Luminesse in light cool.


It gives your face light to medium coverage. You’ll definitely have to use a concealer with this powder as it didn’t even cover my rednesses and minor imperfections. It has satin finish with light healthy glow which is almost invisible on my face. My face started to look shiny after 1-2 hours, but it was still bearable. This powder is tot photo-proof though: it looks too shiny with flash. Lumiere Luminesse didn’t dry my skin out. What refers to breakouts I had 2 pimples in the end of the day and some clogged pores.


Light Cool is a tiny bit too dark for me. There is an almost invisible pink undertone. It would be better if the powder was just neutral.

No flash:

lumiere cosmetics mineral foundation base


lumiere cosmetics mineral foundation base

Lumiere Luminesse in light beige.


The same as Lumiere Luminess in light cool. This powder clogged my pores even more…


This shade is a bit too dark for me.

lumiere cosmetics mineral foundation base photo

Lumiere Luminesse in light medium neutral.


This shade was a tiny bit too dark for me.

lumiere cosmetics mineral foundation base photo

Lumiere Cashmere in light neutral.


This powder gave the lightest coverage. Basically it just didn’t cover anything! Its finish was kind of matte, my skin looked shiny, it highlighted my pores, my face looked horrible! I didn’t like Cashmere at all. It also looked bad on video/photo. I did touch up once, but even though I did that at the end of the day my face looked greasy. Also it clogged my pores badly. Definitely will not buy this one!


Light Neutral is slightly too dark for me.

lumiere cosmetics mineral foundation base photo

Lumiere Veena Velvet in fair neutral.


It didn’t give me enough coverage and I had to apply 2 thick layers and lots of concealer because by the time I tested this powder my pores were all clogged and I had a lot of pimples on my face. It gives you an almost matte finish. I didn’t like myself on the video. It does look ok on the photos. This powder doesn’t stay that well, had to do touch ups. In the end I was done with Lumiere and ended up touching up with my Dior Forever powder as it looked so much better on my face!


Fair neutral is slightly too pale for me, it also has a grayish undertone which made me look dull and sick.

lumiere cosmetics mineral foundation base photo

Overall opinion:

I wouldn’t recommend these powders. I thought they would improve my skin as they’re supposed to be so perfectly natural and everything but in the end these powders clogged my pores and caused my skin breakout badly!

I was impressed that only one formula gave a decent coverage. The others were invisible but not in the good sense as they only made my skin look shiny. All the imperfections were still there.

Also it is really hard to find a good shade for your skin. There is so much nuances and the shade has to be perfect otherwise you are risking to look greyish/dull/pink.

Overall note: 3 out of 10.

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