I guess each one of you ever wanted to change drastically. And all of you were wondering how would you look if you had your hair shorter/lighter/darker? Well I did and I always question myself how would I look if…So today I decided to share with you a great website when you can do a makeover online! I love playing with it as it works pretty well. You can change your hair style, length, color, do makeup (including foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow and everything else), try on color contacts and sunglasses. It’s so cool and every time I upload a photo there I’m gone for hours playing with my photo.

Here are some examples of my creations:
This one is full on (I used foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick, color lenses, blush and hair, inititally I’m with my little sister on this photo but I didn’t want to upload her pictures on the internet so I used blur effect in the photoshop):

makeover online photo 1_zps57a67ea4.jpg
I think it’s funny me with red hair!

Here I kept the same ‘makeup’ but changed my hair style and color. I think this was Jennifer Aniston style I actually quite like it:

makeover online photo makeover-5_zps0c3cdce0.jpg

Here I changed ‘foundation’ and tried myself as blonde:

makeover online photo makeover-9_zpsf241db5c.jpg

Here I kept my real makeup and just added hair style and color. Me as a brunette:

makeover online photo makeover-100_zps0ab64e6a.jpg

Haha it’s so funny! I still like myself better the way I am. But maybe this will help someone out or you can just have some fun one day you’ll have nothing to do! Enjoy!

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