I guess many of you who only begin finding out the stuff about makeup ask themselves: ‘What is contour? Why contour your face? What tools and techniques do I need for that? How should I do it?’ and so on. In my today’s article which makes part of my Beauty Basics series I will try to explain you everything you need to know about face contour!
So let’s start with the most important question:

Why contour your face?

As you know, people’s faces can have different shapes. And as always, the mankind decided there must be one which is perfect. The oval shape is considered as perfect so basically what you do when you contour your face is you make it look oval. How do you do that? And here you make use of ‘highlight and shadow’ concept. It’s really easy if you think of it like this: you highlight your beautiful areas and put shadows on areas you like less. I know it maybe a bit hard to explain without an example so let’s take my face as an example.

This is my face before I did face contouring:
face contour

As you can see, it looks OK but something’s missing. There is no depth, I would like my cheekbones to be more prominent and my face to look more oval. So here are the areas that I would contour or bring into the shade:

face contour

And this is the result:

face contour

Do you see the difference? My face looks much better like this. Now let’s switch on to the tools.

You can contour your face using the following:

  • powder (which should be darker than your natural skin tone),
  • bronzer (it’s better to use matte bronzers with ashy/greyish under tones. That will help you creating a shade. A bronzer shouldn’t contain shimmer/glitter because you apply it on the areas you want to hide, with shimmer you will achieve the opposite),
  • liquid foundation (same as powder, it should be darker than your normal shade).

You can use angled brush to apply powder or bronzer. The example of such a brush is MAC 168. Or you can go for a contour brush, like MAC 109 or Real Techniques Contour Brush. You can use Real Techniques Contour Brush for powder/bronzer as well as liquid foundation because it’s made of synthetic bristles.

Tomorrow I will post a video tutorial on how I do my face contour so don’t miss it! Good luck!

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