Last week I’ve explained you why contour your face and how to contour your face. But contour is not everything that can help you glow like a star. Highlight can help a lot as well. So today I decided I will explain all the tips and tricks of highlighting your face. I will explain what kinds or products you can use and what tools are necessary to make you look like a star.

So, why highlight your face?

Actually it’s more or less story like with contouring: to make your face look thinner and prettier. When you contour your face, you ‘hide’ the parts of it that are least pretty and you give your face a different shape. With highlight you accentuate the prettiest parts and you make sure it looks even slimmer. With highlighter you can add that ‘healthy glow’ everyone is talking about. It can make your skin look healthy. Your face will have more depth. So again I will explain everything in detail using my example:

Here is my face before highlighting:


And here is the point where it gets a bit more complicated. As for me, I have two different methods of highlighting: daily (easy one) and super-highlight-glow-like-a-star-event-method. Let me explain them to you one by one.

Daily (easy) method.

Here I just use the smallest amount of highlighter. I only apply it on my cheekbones, under my eyebrows and above my upper lips. Here is the scheme:

highlight photo

This method is delicate so it’s quite hard to catch the result on the photo. So I decided to choose this angle for the demonstration, here is another before-picture:

highlight photo

And this is how my face looks after I applied highlighter:

highlight photo

For this method you can use all types of products and highlighters, including shimmers and very bright highlighters. The main criterion is the following: it should be at least 1 shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Except that, you can use all types of products like:

  • liquid foundation,
  • concealer,
  • brightening/highlighting products,
  • white (jumbo) pencils,
  • highlighters of any kinds and colors,
  • shimmers,
  • eyeshadows (of course, the lighter shades),
  • powder,
  • and basically anything that you can think of, the shade may be white, pink, golden, beige, even blueish (think of Shiseido Medusa).

This is it for today, I decided to split this articles into 2 parts because otherwise it would be endless and no one would read it until the end. How to highlight your face video tutorial will be online tomorrow and part 2 of this article will be up next week!

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