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Hi! I have oily skin. What can I do about it?


I am familiar with this problem as I used to have oily skin, too. I worried a lot because my face looked oily on the photos, the makeup didn’t last and so on. The main thing you have to understand for yourself is the following: ‘Is your skin oily or does your skin only look oily?’ That is essential. Your skin is oily if it gets so couple of minutes after you’ve washed your face. Your skin is dehydrated if it feels dry after you’ve washed it and gets oily a couple of minutes/hours later.

The plan is the following. If you have oily skin try this:

  • try using mattifying lotion and light moisturizer
  • use mattifying makeup base/primer
  • use mattifying sheets when needed

If your skin is dehydrated rather than oily try the following:

  • try avoiding products that contain alcohol as they might dry out your skin even more
  • avoid using mattifying products
  • invest in a good moisturizer

I hope these tips will help you cure your oily skin!

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