Spring! The weather keeps getting warmer (although this year it’s been quite harsh on us), the wind is warm, the sky is blue and the sun is shining. I always feel like going somewhere in spring, discovering new things, going a weekend somewhere else and just doing fun stuff! My top ten list of things to do:

#1: Boat in Amsterdam

Oh yes Amsterdam is so incredibly beautiful in spring! In may it’s just so perfect, you can hire a boat and discover Amsterdam water lines, the sun is shining, it is just perfect!

#2: Wear nice bright nail polishes

bright nails

polka dot pastel nails

These are some of the manicures that I’ve done. I love them (even if I say it myself). By the way, these photos (and almost all others in this post) come from my Instagram.

#3: Nail art

nail art

The second I saw these false nails I fell in love with them! They look so nice and spring-like! I love wearing those kind of nail looks in the spring.

#4: Eat ice cream on the street

Finally it’s hot enough so you can eat ice cream on the street and not feel like you’re dying from cold!

#5: Get sunkissed look in the garden

Catch all the nice sunny moments in the garden…I used to ‘hunt’ for the sun, especially when I was younger I ran outside in a bikini whenever the sun came out.

#6: Use self tanner to fake this sunkissed look

Oh well, nowadays I sometimes prefer self tanner. It is easier and the result is the same. Besides, I don’t bake in the sun like I used to, I sometimes prefer to stay in the shadow now. Consequences of getting older…

#7: Buy nice bright clothes and acccessories

pastel bracelets

Recently I’ve bought these pastel bracelets and I am so happy with them! These colors make me happy.

#8: Have a breakfast outdoors

Eat croissants with a cup of coffee in the garden, there is almost nothing that can be better!

#9: Wear fresh perfumes

That smell like grass, lemons, mint…yum!

#10: Smile all the time!

It’s the best thing you can do anyway! So SMILE and enjoy this spring!!!

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