Another mask that I wanted to review: Avene Cleanance Purifying Mask. Actually I just wanted to try as many french products as possible while I stile live in France. Because they are generally of good quality and as you know I am crazy about skin care and masks and treatments. Besides avene is a well-known brand and I guess it is represented in a lot of countries.

Packaging and design: 9 out of 10.

avene cleanance mask

This is how the opening looks like:

avene cleanance mask

It comes in a basic tube. It is simple, hygienic, lightweight and great. I don’t have any complaints about it!

Description of Avene Cleanance Purifying Mask:

Exfoliating and absorbing cleansing mask. Formula specifically developed to help oily blemish-prone skin regain a clear and healthy complexion.*

Here is the before photo:

avene cleanance mask

Here I applied Avene Cleanance Purifying Mask:

avene cleanance mask

Here is the before and after photos placed together so you can see the result better:

avene cleanance mask

My opinion on Avene Cleanance Purifying Mask:

This is a mask but also a gentle scrub as it contains little scrubbing particles. They are not harsh on the skin at all, even with my sensitive skin it’s ok. The mask itself has a nice creamy texture which makes my skin feel so smooth and nice. You only have to keep this mask on your face for 5 minutes: a quick one! What refers to the effect, I can’t say it’s really purifying. Well at least I didn’t see a huge improvement in my pore situation. My skin did look red after this mask (I guess that’s because of the scrubbing particles). So I wouldn’t advise using it before going out, it’s better to use it before bedtime so your face has the time to calm down. Normally this mask is supposed to improve face condition in the long run but as I don’t really have a lot of pimples, I can’t say if it works. My skin feels smoother and nicer, it is a great mask that will make my skin smooth and remove the dry patches or stuff like that but it is not really pyrifying which is too bad as I was looking for a mask that would clean my pores.

Overall note: B.

Price: 12 euro for 40 ml.

Where can you buy it:

I bought it in a french ‘pharmacie’. You can also order it online at Escentual.

Here is the ingredients list:

avene cleanance mask

* Source:

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