These are the 3 new shades of the Catrice Ultimate Colour line that went out with the Catrice Spring Summer 2013 collection. I did a first impression video where I applied 250 matt about pink. I thought it was a bit too bright for my pale face. Today I will write a full review with swatches on the 3 lipsticks.

I will not go into detail about the packaging and design, texture and the quality because I already did an article on that. You can read about Ultimate Colour lipsticks here.

Here are the three lipsticks together:

catrice spring summer 2013 collection photo

catrice spring summer 2013 collection

Swatches on my hand:

catrice spring summer 2013 collection swatches

Catrice Ultimate Colour 240 Hey Nude

This is a nice pinkish nude with a sheen finish. You can see very well on the photo with swatches that it’s much more shiny than the other 2 lipsticks. The quality is not like the other Ultimate Colour lipsticks though: it doesn’t apply evenly and you can see that on the lips. I also had to apply several coats for it to be opaque. Besides that, this lipstick is comfortable to wear. The shade turned out to be the best match for me out of the three! Which was quite unexpected for me. I thought this will be another boring nude (I don’t like nudes). But this is a nice wearable lipstick!

catrice ultimate colour 240 hey nude

Catrice Ultimate Colour 250 Matt About Pink

This is a very bright almost neon pink with a blue base. It kind of reminds me of Chanel Super ( a limited edition Rouge Allure from 2010 if I’m not mistaken). It has a silky texture and is comfortable to wear. It is opaque in approximately 3 coats. Frankly I liked this shade the most when I was saw the promotion photo. But it turned out to be too bright and cool-toned for me, I think this will look much better on me when my skin will be sun-kissed. Oh I can’t wait for that!

catrice ultimate colour 250 matt about pink

Catrice Ultimate Colour 260 It’s A Matt World

This is a matte blue-based cool-toned red. It is very opaque and has a matte finish. This lipstick has the best quality of the three as it looks very even and pretty on the lips. I must say that this is not ‘my’ red. I will wear it for some special occasion but it’s not the wearable red that I could wear with nude eyes for example.

catrice ultimate colour 260 it's a matt world

Which one of the three do you like the most?

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