You know I love trying out new products as well as I love taking care of my skin. A weekly skin treatment is a must for me, besides, what can be better than light a candle, enjoy nice music and relax with a mask on? I am totally addicted to this kind of girly stuff. Recently I bought Cattier Clay Mask for Sensitive Skin. It kind of intrigued me because it didn’t say exactly what it’s supposed to do. I’ve seen that it was available in 4 different formulas: for all skin types, for oily skin, for dry skin and for sensitive skin. As my skin is sensitive I decided to give Cattier Clay Mask for Sensitive Skin a try!

This is what it looks like:

Cattier Clay Mask

It comes in a basic tube. I like this kind of packaging: easy and hygienic. The back of the packaging:

Cattier Clay Mask

As you can see, there is no description of what it’s supposed to do. My mask is for sensitive skin. It is a clay mask and normally these kind of masks are supposed to clean and tighten your pores. Here is what my face looked like before applying the mask:

Cattier Clay Mask

I must say, I was very surprised when I first applied this mask. I was rubbing it on my skin and then I looked in the mirror and I saw something weird: it looked like I was applying a foundation! The mask looks and feels like a tinted moisturizer – the strangest mask ever! I had to double check that I actually bought a mask and not a foundation or BB cream or tinted moisturizer. You can see that it really is a mask after some minutes: it starts to dry up and becomes white then:

Cattier Clay Mask

Funny feeling! The packaging says to leave a mask on for approximately 10 minutes without allowing mask to dry on the skin. This was exactly what I have done. After that I washed it off like I normally do.

This is how my face looks like after I washed this mask off:

Cattier Clay Mask

Here are the before and after pictures side by side so you can see the difference better:

Cattier Clay Mask photo

Overall opinion on Cattier Clay Mask for Sensitive Skin.

I must say, this mask is a funny one! I kept it strictly as the packaging says. After this mask my skin felt really smooth, soft and silky. It didn’t dry my skin out at all. I felt like touching it all the time! I also felt like the pores were cleaner as well as my skin was a bit less red than before. So I am happy with this mask, I definitely recommend this!

Overall note: A.

Where can you buy it:

I bought mine in a French pharmacy. I did some research and saw that you can order it at and on

Price: 3.99 euro for 100ml/3.38 fl oz.

What is your favorite facial treatment?

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