I am a nail polish addict. I mean, it is time that I admit that because my nail polish collection takes quite a lot of place in my house…and yeah I just love using all different nail polishes, it makes me happy. A nail polish for every dress and occasion! So I’ve been thinking recently that for a person that is as obsessed with nail polishes as I am, I don’t often write about them. In the almost 5 months that my blog exists I’ve only did a review on nail polishes twice! And of course I should change that.

Today I decided to show you a nail polish set that I’ve bought lately: it is a vacation trio nail polish set from elf (eyeslipsface). I talk about this brand quite often, they make nice budget makeup and there are some products which I really like. I haven’t tried their nail polishes yet and decided to give them a try.

So Vacation trio set comes in a carton box, nothing interesting. It has 3 miniature nail polishes (3x6ml, so 18ml total. A standard ELF nail polish has 10 ml of product).

elf vacation trio set

There are sets in different shades, I liked this one because I’ve been into pastel-like shades recently and because I love green and purple.

ELF Nail Polish in Mint Cream.

elf nail polish mint cream

This one is my favorite! The shade is just gorgeous! It is a light minty green with milk. It actually reminds me of a milkshake..of a green color then.

ELF Nail Polish in Punk Purple.

elf nail polish punk purple photo

This is a bordeaux purple. It is nice but nothing to write home about.

ELF Nail Polish in Lilac.

elf nail polish lilac

This is a pastel lilac color. I like this one a lot too!

Overall opinion:

I love the shades. But the quality of this nail polishes is disastrous: the brush is not easy to work with, the consistency is too thick which makes the polishes not easy to dry even with fast-drying top coat. Besides, they start chipping really fast! So overall, it is a disappointment. I will use these nail polishes because the colors are really pretty but I will not buy any more.

Overall note: C.

Price: 3 euro for 3×6 ml of product.

Where can you buy it:

I bought mine on their French official website, eyeslipsface.fr. You can check if they have a webshop for your country. If not, eyeslipsface.co.uk ship over Europe.