I love surfing on the internet looking for interesting websites and stuff. Recently I’ve found a website called anaface.com where you can find out how perfect your face is! I did a test myself and here are the results:

anaface photo

So according to anaface, my face has poor horizontal symmetry (although I think it’s more me who couldn’t set point properly) and my nose is too wide. But its proportions to ears and mouth are almost perfect. It’s at least something!

I have no idea whether this is a good result or not, but it’s quite funny to know this. Now I know what are my ‘perfect’ parts and which parts need more coverage. I am joking of course! I think the beauty is actually in the assymetry and every detail that is not perfect makes you unique!

I think these kind of tests are funny to do but to take them seriously – oh no. Never :)

Which random websites do you like visiting?

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