Last summer I’ve been to Holland and decided to go shopping. I went to a village where I used to live and of course one of the shops was a department store. There was a sale and of course I couldn’t resist. I went inside and I must say that I was very surprised when I saw La Prairie products on sale. But it was not just a sale! It was -75% on everything! Do I have to say that I couldn’t resist by trying out their famous foundation? So here it is, my beauty jewel, La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation. I think this is the most expensive makeup piece that I own (if we think about its real price I mean). But is it worth its price?

Packaging and design of La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation: 9.5 out of 10.

la prairie caviar foundation and concealer

Do I need to say that La Prairie’s packaging is always gorgeous? Concealer, powder, foundation, they’re all the same kind of design: silver grey boxes. But it’s not just one product that’s inside, there is always a suprise. For loose powder it was a travel size box, for a concealer it was a refill and for this foundation it was a pretty silver stand, a concealer brush and a concealer (in a cap) that go with it.

The foundation doesn’t have a pump which is a bit disappointing but what it does have is a kind of a spatula that is built into its cap. The foundation is in a glass bottle which is quite heavy so it makes it hard to take with you when you go travelling. And that’s the only reason why I gave it a 9.5 and not a 10 for packaging and design.

Shade: La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation in Porcelain Blush.

la prairie caviar foundation and concealer

la prairie caviar foundation and concealer

la prairie caviar foundation and concealer

This is one of the lightest shades. I doubted between different kinds and I found that multiple shades would be good for me. The reason I picked this one is because its concealer is more pink than yellow and very light. So I hoped it would have the best chances at concealing my under eye area.

Porcelain Blush foundation is a light beige with almost invisible pink undertone. The concealer is very light pinkish beige.

Description of La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation:

Lavish your skin with a unique combination of colour and care in one brilliantly conceived skincare product with the superb nourishing, moisturizing, energizing attributes of Caviar Extract.

Two products in one: One part luxury foundation that tints, firms and protects your skin while counteracting signs of aging, one part professional-level concealer, the two work in beautiful synergy to provide long-lasting yet weightless coverage.

You will notice an immediate improvement in the condition and appearance of your skin.*

This is how my skin looks without any makeup:

la prairie caviar foundation and concealer

Here I applied La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation in Porcelain Blush:

la prairie caviar foundation and concealer

Here is the closeup of my eyes, before applying concealer:

la prairie caviar foundation and concealer

Here I applied La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer:

la prairie caviar foundation and concealer

Here I wear both concealer and foundation:

la prairie caviar foundation and concealer

And here is the general before-after photo. I’ve been using a self tanner for a couple of days here so the shade is a bit too light and too pink for me now:

la prairie caviar foundation and concealer

My opinion: La Prairie Skin Caviar Foundation:

I have kind of a love-hate relationship with this foundation. The one day I really love it, because it makes my skin so glowy, hydrated, polished and beautiful. The other day I just hate it because it doesn’t stay in place well, it glides off my face and makes it look shiny. I would say this is more a foundation for a dry, aging skin. I feel like I don’t see all the benefits it can give to my skin yet. Also, I prefer applying it with a buffing brush with hard bristles. The one like Real Techniques Buffing Brush has quite softer bristles and so it takes a lot of time to blend this foundation properly. And yes you do have to blend it out very well otherwise you can see the foundation traces all over your face. Also, I can’t go outside of my house without powdering my face off if I am wearing this foundation. Otherwise it looks too shiny on me. What I absolutely love about this foundation is that it doesn’t clog my pores at all! And this is the first foundation that is that good. I mean, I really feel like La Prairie Skin Caviar Foundation protects my skin from pollution and other stuff!

La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer:

This is a very creamy concealer. It creases a lot, almost directly after application. Despite that, it covers my bad under eye circles pretty good. And I think that the shade is perfect for me.

Do I recommend this? Well, I do not. I mean, I like this concealer and foundation for the price I paid for it. But spending 160 euro on a foundation? Hell no, even if there’s a full size concealer in it. If I ever decide to spend that much money on beauty stuff, I would rather go for a facial treatment or a good face cream, not a foundation.

Overall note: Foundation: B+, Concealer: B.

Price: 160.90 euro for 2 grams of concealer and 30 ml of foundation.


  • 2-in-1: concealer and foundation
  • hydrates your skin
  • protects your skin from pollution effects and stuff
  • nice creamy texture
  • beautiful packaging
  • great for dry skin


  • price!
  • concealer creases a lot
  • not for oily skin
  • you have to blend it really well and powder it off
  • the packaging is too heavy for travel

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