I made this video a really long time ago…and figured it was time to edit it and take you with me on my trip to Reims! This city is situated about 150 km east of Paris. It will take you about 1 hour to go there from Paris.

reims photo

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Reims or also spelled as Rheims has a beautiful city center with marvelous architecture. I would say the city has something left from the royal atmosphere. The beautiful cathedral of Reims or Notre Dame de Reims is definitely worth seeing. And if we talk about Reims we can’t forget about caves de champagne, champagne cellars. Reims is the unofficial capital of Champagne-Ardenne region. So if you are there, you just have to visit one of the cellars. And you’ve got something to choose from: when you walk on the streets of Reims, you see the champagne cellars everywhere. Pommery, Mumm’s, Veuve Clicquot-Ponsardin, Ruinart, Charles de Cazanove, Louis Roederer, Lanson and many others. We’ve been there on december 31st so we didn’t have a lot of choice as a lot were closed. But one of the greatest maison de champagne, Taittinger, was opened. And that’s where we went.

You can do a paid visit (the entrance was 16 euro) throughout the day. You’ll get to see how the bottles are stored, you’ll know how they’re made and in the end you can try out the champagne and buy it if you want to.

Here’s my short video impression of Reims:

All the adresses, links and more photos:Caves de champagne de Taittinger:

Frankly, before I’ve only heard of demi-bouteille (small bottles of 37,5 cl), regular size bottles (75 cl) and Magnums (twice the regular size, 1.5l). But there are such bigger bottles! Just look at that, the regular size seems so tiny! That made me thinking: imagine how cool this could be to order all bigger size bottles for a special event!

Their names from left to right: Le Nabuchodonozor (15 l) – Le Balthazar (12 l) – Le Salmanazar (9 l) – Le Mathusalem (6 l) – Le Jeroboam (3 l) – Le Magnum (1.5 l) – La Bouteille (75 cl) – La Demie (37.5 cl)

reims taittinger photo

This is one of bottles compared to my hand (I think it was a Jeroboam, not sure though):

reims taittinger photo

Champagne in process:

reims taittinger photo

Champagne Taittinger: yum!

reims taittinger photo

Here are the addresses you might find useful:

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