I have quite some new lip products that I love. They are not worth a separate article but I decided to show them to you together and make a 5 amazing budget lip products post out of it! They are placed in random order, just in case you’re asking yourself.

#1: Essence lipliner.

essence lipliner photo

I think I’ve never bought a budget lipliner before and all due to the same reason: they were all hard as hell, when I tried to draw a lip line I felt like I was scratching my skin so badly. This one is different: it is quite soft and nice. And I like this cure pink shade (mine is in 07 cute pink)!

 essence lipliner 07 cute pink

I applied it all over the lips here. A great tip by the way: you can apply your lipliner all over your lips and a transparent gloss on top, which will make you a colored lipgloss. Or you can apply it under your lipstick to make it last longer!

essence lipliner 07 cute pink

Price: I am not sure if it is 0.99 euro or 1.59 euro, because I bought multiple Essence products and it only says “Essence makeup” on the bill!

#2: NYC Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm.

nyc applelicious

This is kind of lipstick I would wear instead of my Labello or Nivea lip balm. It is actually a tinted lip balm: hydrating with a subtle color.

nyc applelicious
This apple is so cute!

This is how it looks like: very sheer, almost transparent. My NYC Applelicious is in 353 Pink Lady, nice pink shade.

nyc applelicious pink
Here I’m wearing it together with Essence lipliner:

essence lipliner nyc applelicious
Price: 2.79 euro.

#3: Rimmel Apocalips.

rimmel apocalips

I love everything about Rimmel Apocalips: packaging, design, brush (it is a curved sponge actually, very precise and easy to work with), color.

rimmel apocalips

Mmm it looks so juicy! Mine is in color 501 Stellar, a very bright pink with a bit of red in it.

rimmel apocalips stellar

On my lips: gorgeous! I’ve been wearing it almost every day now!

rimmel apocalips stellar

rimmel apocalips

Price: 5.99 pounds here.

#4: Vivienne Sabo lipgloss.

vivienne sabo lip gloss

I think you don’t know this brand, I bought it in Moscow, Russia. On the packaging it says “Vivienne Sabo Paris”, I googled it and only information I could find was in Russian. But if you’ll ever see it, don’t hesitate to buy because they’re great these lipglosses, in between liquid and thick, hydrating, nice colors. The packaging is a squeezy tube. My Vivienne Sabo lipgloss is in the shade 02, perfect nude pink:

vivienne sabo lip gloss 02

On the lips:

vivienne sabo lip gloss

Price: I don’t remember the exact price but it was definitely under 5 euro.

#5: Catrice lipsticks.

I already did 2 blog posts on those babies (ultimate colour and ultimate shine, new collection spring summer 2013), so yeah I love them a lot! Great packaging, texture, longevity, pretty everything! Here are some of them on me:

Catrice Ultimate Shine in 170 Play the Plum:

Catrice Ultimate Shine Lipstick

Catrice Ultimate Colour in 110 Pink Me Up!:

catrice ultimate colour lipstick

Catrice Ultimate Colour in 250 Matt About Pink:

catrice ultimate colour 250 matt about pink

What is your favorite budget lip product?