I think that mint (blue green, turquoise or other variations of this color) may be called the color of this season. Clothes, makeup and nail polishes. I admit: I love it. A lot! It looks sp bright and happy on the nails. So yeah, I have completely fallen for this trend and decided to share my favorite mint blue green nail polishes with you.

mint blue green nail polish

Here are the beauties alltogether. From left to right: Alessandro 956 Pale Blue Lagoon – Mavala 153 Lagoon – Mavala 154 Aquamarine – elf mint cream – Orly Gumdrop:

mint blue green nail polish

Every one of them is gorgeous! I didn’t do a separate article on any of these polishes except for elf mint cream. This is how they look together on one hand:

mint blue green nail polish

Alessandro 956 Pale Blue Lagoon is the brightest and bluest. It is a light milky sky baby blue. This is an absolute summer must-have! I think it might even be my favorite of them all…hard to say actually, I like Orly Gumdrop a lot too.Then we have Elf mint cream, which is mainly green. It is also the darkest shade of them all. It is not really dark though, I would still say it looks quite light on the nails. Next up is Mavala 153 Lagoon. This is a green shade but it is a bit lighter and milkier. Next is Mavala 154 Aquamarine, this is a good balanced blue green shade. Last up is Orly Gumdrop which is the brightest shade. It is more blue than green.

I also have swatches to some of those nail polishes:

Alessandro 956 Pale Blue Lagoon:

alessandro 956 pale blue lagoon

Elf Mint Cream:

elf mint cream photo

Mavala 153 Lagoon:

Mavala lagoon 153

(this is an instagram picture though, I paired it here with Orly’s Puff):

Which one is your favorite?

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