Let’s talk cleansing today! Actually it’s me who’s going to talk cleansing today. And to be precise, I will show you my favorite cleansing gel ever! You all know the brand Bioderma and its famous micellar water. Well, this product should be just as famous! Because I adore it.

bioderma sebium cleansing gel

It has a nice gelish texture and foams quite good once mixed with water – just as the packaging says. Also, it says that it’s meant for combination/oily skin. Normally, that would mean a cleansing gel is really agressive but luckily this is not the case: this one is really mild. It doesn’t dry my skin out at all, it’s very gentle. I can even use it for my eye area (you will have to apply a good moisturizing cream after though). But as for the face – it doesn’t dry my skin out at all while it cleanses my skin thoroughly. There is a perfect balance of cleansing power and mildness and that’s exactly why I think this should be the cleansing gel for everyone. I love the packaging also: it’s practical, lightweight and really handy for travel: there is a pump which you can turn open and close whenever needed, so it won’t be pressed accidentally in your luggage.

All in all, a great cleansing gel for a great price. This is a short article and normally I wouldn’t do a review on a cleansing gel, but this is my third bottle already and I want to buy more and more so I feel like I needed to share this with you! The greatest products deserve a proper review on my website! Voila, that was it.

Overall note: A+!

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