As every year, some new products come out in Guerlain Terracotta line. This is a line with bronzers, self tanners and other summer stuff. Some of them are great, others are not. What refers to Terracotta bronzers, for me they are probable the best bronzers ever. There’s a lot of choice, nice shades. And yeah, Guerlain always have amazingly gorgeous packaging.

Guerlain started with 4 seasons bronzers a couple of years ago. Back then they were only available in 2 shades (or actually 2 combinations of 4 different shades): 01 Blondes and 02 Brunettes. This year Guerlain released 4 new shades Terracotta 4 seasons bronzers. I tested all of them and neither one of them was better than the first edition. So I decided it was time to review mine in 02 Brunettes!

Packaging and design: 10 out of 10.

guerlain terracotta 4 seasons

As usual, Guerlain packaging is just gorgeous. It comes in a velvet bag, while the powder itself is in a solid round powder box. There is a mirror inside. The box is brown and very pretty! And this bronzer smells like paradise!

Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons in 02 Brunettes

guerlain terracotta 4 seasons

The bronzer itself is in 4 shades – 4 seasons. All of them have a matte finish but they contain little gold particles which are invisible once applied on the face (you do seem them on the swatches though). The lightest (upper left) is a very light neutral brown. By itself it is perfect for ladies with fair skin like mine! So this is the perfect bronzer for the cold season. The upper right is a darker neutral brown. The lower right is an even darker brown with a tiny bit of orange in it. The lower left is the darkest brown with a bit of grey. Just a tiny bit! When we mix the 4 shades together we get something pretty dark with a bit of orange. The two darkest shades are too dark for me for in the winter time. The same as the 4 shades mixed together. So normally I use the 2 lightest shades for in the winter, the 2 darkest shades or 4 shades together for in the summer when my skin is tanned and it looks great!

guerlain terracotta 4 seasons

The swatches from left to right: upper left – upper right – lower right – lower left – 4 shades mixed together:

guerlain terracotta 4 seasons

Overall opinion:

This is a great quality product. I love the texture (it is well pressed and not too powdery), I love the smell, I love the packaging. This bronzer is very luxurious. I love treating myself with products such as this one! Also, you can use it for contouring as it has a matte finish. If your skin is too light I think you might better check out 01 Blondes though as its shades are a bit lighter. But for me the Brunettes is the perfect bronzer throughout the whole year!

Overall note: A.

Where can you buy it: (older editions) or Debenhams (Guerlain Terracotta 4 seasons bronzers that were released in 2013).

What is also great about this bronzer is that you can use it as eyeshadows for a neutral nude eye makeup. I used all the shades for this look and MAC Brule:

guerlain terracotta 4 seasons

Here I just applied my foundation and powder. I also wear 4 seasons bronzer on my eyes on all the coming pictures:

guerlain terracotta 4 seasons

I used my La Prairie Skin caviar foundation and Givenchy Prisme powder.

Here I added a bit of Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons in 02 Brunettes on my cheek bones (on the places where I would normally apply contouring products). I used only the lightest (upper left) shade on this photo:

guerlain terracotta 4 seasons

Here I added the second lightest (upper right) shade on the top so you can see the effect better. You see how delicate this is? In the summer I would use the darkest 2 shades.

guerlain terracotta 4 seasons

What is your favorite bronzer?

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