Did you notice lately a lot of spring posts on my blog? Well, I did, too. There’s a reason for that, I can explain: I love spring, I love warm weather, beach, sun, good weather, warm wind in the face, ice creams and maaaany other stuff…but it just seems like not coming yet! I wonder: where are you, spring? So all these spring posts – well, it’s my kind of protest to the weather. I mean, today is mid-April, I look outside and see grey sky, rain…no green grass, no blue sky, nothing! In the days like that, boring grey days, I desperately need some energy, some color so I decided to share with you the products that make me feel good and remind me that blue skies, shining sun and stuff will start being reality very soon.

top 5 products for spring

#1: bright lipstick.

catrice matt about pink

I already told you that lips should be bright this season. For me, just bright isn’t bright enough, I feel like wearing brighter than brightest lipsticks and I’ve been absolutely in love with this one: this is the new Catrice from Spring/Summer 2013 collection, #250 Matt About Pink. I love it love it love it!

#2: funky eyeliner.

top products for spring

Yes, forget about boring blacks and browns, bring some color into your eyes too! I love this blue green/mint color. This is limited edition from Catrice, from Cucuba collection, C01 Take It Mint.

#3: peachy golden blush.

elf candid coral

This has been my favorite for the past time, I love its subtle golden shimmer and peach color. This is e.l.f. blush in Candid Coral.

#4: bronzer and golden highlighter.

empreinte de chanel

Maybe I am boring about this product, I guess I featured it in so many blog posts and videos already but I just love it so much: it is a perfect bronzer for ladies with fair skin like me and it has a beautiful golden highlighter. Together they look gorgeous! This is Empreinte de Chanel (limited edition).

#5: fresh fragrance.

serge lutens

This is my all-time favorite for spring time, it is so incredibly fresh! I adore this fragrance, seriously, the moment I run out I’ll get a new one right away! Its notes are: aldehydes, citrus, magnolia, white mint, clary sage, ozonic notes and musk.

What are you favorite spring products that make you happy?

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