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I would like to know how to choose eyeshadow and lipstick and other makeup. Something like “blondes should wear this and that and brunettes this and that. Thanks a lot!


This question (and different variations of this question) is one of the most frequently asked question. I do have to disappoint you a bit: there is no strict answer to this one. Everything depends on your age, eye shape, skin color, seasonal colors and many other favotrs, even from your mood! I can’t say “blondes shouldn’t wear red lips” because people with blonde hair can look really different (all people are unique!) and the red lipsticks can be really different, too. Like, blue based red, yellow based red, bordeau red, pinkish red, coral red and so on. Besides, sometimes you just feel like wearing something even though you know it’s not ‘your’ thing. Even in this case, you can make it work for you by choosing particular kind of blush, eyeshadow that goes with your lipstick: there are many tricks. And of course: there are no rules for podium(-ish) makeup!

To satisfy your curiousity just a little bit here’s the very global description of some tips that might help you to choose makeup:

How to choose eyeshadow:

  • The main factor here is your eye color (or the color of the lenses you’re wearing). If you want to make it pop out, choose eyeshadow that will be contrast to your eye color. What does that mean, contrast color and how do you know a certain color is contrast to your eye color? Try googling ‘color scheme’, choose the round one. Find your eye color there – and look at the opposite shade. For example, your eyes are green. If you look at the color scheme, the opposite colors are purple, pink and red. These are the eyeshadow colors that will make your eyes look even greener.
  • What is your goal? Do you want to look younger – go for lighter eyeshadows. Do you want to add age – go for darker shades.
  • Of course, day look is more subtle than night look.
  • Your age is important, too. But in this case it has something to do with eyeshadow texture: matte eyeshadows look good on anyone while shimmery eye shadow will highlight the wrinkles.

How to choose lipstick:

  • The main thing here is your skin color and undertone. If your skin is light, you can choose from a variety of lighter pinks, beiges and reds. Try to avoid really dark colors, ashy colors, without a lot of purple and dark beige undertones. If you do go for a lipstick like that, you might look ashy and older. If your skin is darker, on the other hand go for the intense, dark shades. And you should try to avoid too light pinks and reds.
  • I used to think that I can only wear warm shades. But it is not true, far from it even. What is the secret? If your lipstick is a bit out of your normal color range, try to make it work by adding the right blush and eyeshadow. Combine warm and cool shades, experiment! And forget the rules for once. I am sure, you will be able to find the perfect color for you!

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