Last week I wrote an article about us moving to China and this week I decided I’d do a small update with pictures. I need to share it with you as this is so different!

So our trip began at 2:30 AM, we barely slept an hour. We had a long day to go and of course in the airport I needed some kick so we bought a huge coffee there. And as you can see, I look really tired:

china trip

We went from Brussel to Pekin and from there to Guangzhou where we will stay for 6 months. When we arrived at Pekin it was 5 AM and the sun was rising, it was beautiful! We hadn’t the possibility to visit the city but judging on how it looked from the airport windows the city is quite westernalized.

When we arrived at Canton (or Guangzhou) it was quite different. The weather here is humid and quite hot (right now it is 26-29 degrees C).

And basically everything is different here: people, streets, shopping malls…this is how a typical street looks like (don’t mind me hihi):

chinese street

There are a lot of street merchants selling all kinds of goodies and food.

china guangzhou

This one is selling bamboo juice:

pistreet vendors in chinac

What you can also find on the streets – people selling fur:

chinese street

We’ve also been to Onelink, which is a shopping mall where you can find all kinds of gadgets, decor pieces, toys, jewellery and other funny stuff. Basically all the shopping malls are alike, there are separate merchants with small boutiques where they sell their goodies. On the left you see a shop which is closed – something that happens quite often by the way:

onelink guangzhou shopping

Food in China is quite special too. I showed you in the Instagram (@annabeautybox) the photo of a wrap from McDonalds. It looks funny but it was quite good actually:

chinese wrap

So this was my little updated, let me know if you like this kind of posts, maybe I can do it from time to time! Have a great day!

Oh and for the ones interested, the Onelink address in Guangzhou:

Numb 230-232, Tianhe Road, Tianhe District. 地址:天河区天河路230-232号

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