Gold, peachy, coral…perfect! This summer this combination is my must-have for the lips. I loved this lipgloss the last summer already but now that I wear it almost every day I decided that this lip product deserves a review and a place in my blog.

dolce gabbana lipgloss

This is actually my only and only product fromp Dolce Gabbana. This brand has a very luxurious golden packaging. This lipgloss comes in a basic tube with golden top.

dolce gabbana lipgloss

The applicator is a sponge. It applies the product nicely and evenly.

The texture is quite nice: it is a bit on the thick and tacky side but I wouldn’t say that it sticks a lot. My hair doesn’t stick to it at least.

dolce  gabbana lipgloss 70 sunset photo IMG_2186_zps223b1e96.jpg

The color is very nice: it is a lovely mix of peach, coral and golden shimmer. Perfect for the summer!

This lipgloss looks absolutely gorgeous with lots of warm eyeshadows/blushes. It also looks pretty on tanned skin, and the way that the shimmer shines in the sun it’s perfect! I love wearing this lipgloss in the other seasons too but it’s in the summer that I love wearing it the most.

This is how it looks on my lips:

dolce gabbana lipgloss 70 sunset

And this is the whole look:

dolce gabbana lipgloss 70 sunset

What is your favorite summer lipgloss?