Today’s article will be dedicated to…right, hair! I’ve been thinking that I’ve done plenty of procedures for my hair in the past let’s say 10 years. It all started with…

1. Henna.

Yeah, with henna. My mom paints her hair with henna and I decided why not try to do that, too? It is supposed to make your hair stronger and thicker. My experience? Not even close. It dried out my hair and I had a terible fall-out. I used both 100% natural product and Lush one, all the same miserable result.

2. Hair extensions.

Yep, did that mistake too. I mean, my hair looked really pretty. I had like 100 or even 150 hair plucks in my hair that were attached to it with wax. My hair was finally long, thick and gorgeous. I loved it, everybody loved it. What I hated was the moment it was out: that hurted a lot, one day and all of your hair is gone. I also had a fall out but I think that maybe that hair just fell out already but was stuck in the extensions stayed there and the moment it was set free it actually fell out completely…I don’t know. I think I might do it again, but then with hair stripes and braids, I think this method is much less damaging than wax.

Here I found some and old pic to show you what it looked like:

hair extensions photo getImage3-001_zpsc18b6873.jpg

3.  Hair dye.

Yep I dyed my hair too, several…well actually many times. And I started when I was too young. I had my hair painted this color (I am 15 on this picture. Mind the open belly – it was fashion :D):

hair dye photo 32340374_6_mJWg_zps7a5acbea.jpg

Then I stopped for some time and grew my natural hair. Then I decided I wanted to paint my hair blonde. Biggest mistake, it was such a stress and for what? I think blonde is not the right color for me at all:

hair dye blonde photo DSC08102-001_zpsc6693c43.jpg

After 6 months of being blonde I felt I needed to change so I painted my hair brown. Another horrible mistake – never (!) go from light to dark:

hair dye photo x_e12b0a84-001_zpsa37db24c.jpg

Then I started with my henna experiments and I used to do a mix and then I used black Lush henna which almost made my hair black:

henna hair photo 1-001_zpsfd82c3cc.jpg

After that I decided to grow my own hair and I never painted it after that.

3. Bangs.

Yep, I’ve had all kinds of that, too. Straight, full, angled…I like myself the best without it at all.

hair bangs photo x_c6713f20-001_zps8ecb6a94.jpg

hair bangs photo x_38920c79-001_zpsacb93cea.jpg

hair bangs photo getImage7-001_zps1f86ca49.jpg

4. Hair procedures.

And after all of those experiments I finally decided that it was time just to take care of my hair as much as possible, no more dramatical changes. I’ve done special keratin treatment with nano keratin, it filled my hair with keratin and was quite nice.

5. Hair strengthening.

Then I decided to straighten my hair. Actually it was a huge dose of keratin that got pumped into my hair and as a result it got straight. It actually didn’t but I did enjoy the positive working of keratin on my hair.

6. Hair manicure.

And now I want to try hair manicure! This is supposed to be procedure that lets your hair shine and locks in the good ingredients so your hair can’t get dehydrated! Soudns nice, especially because my hair gets dehydrated really fast here in China. I think I’ll do it soon and will tell you about the results!

This was everything I’ve done to my hair so far. I know it’s a lot but I felt like changing until I ‘found myself’ – just me with my own hair color cut on a straight line. If you ever decide to do something to your hair – make sure you take extra good care of it!

What hair procedures did you try?