I think the major part of all women in the world must be asking themselves this question. How to get rid of cellulite? What should I do? What should I eat? The other lucky part are asking themselves another questions: “What should I do not to get it?” Today I will give the answers to all of those questions.

To give the answers to all these questions and improve your understanding of this important problem the answer to the main question should be given: what is cellulite? How does it function? The main enemy there are the adipose cells – it is a kind of fat cells. When there are too many of them, they start pushing the skin tissues upwards and it doesn’t happen in the same proportions over your whole body and that’s why your skin surface stops looking smooth – and voila, you’ve got cellulite.

So, what can be done to stop and reverse this process?

There are three keywords: fitness, hydration and continuation.

1: Fitness!

I am sorry but this is inevitable. You can’t make your body look good by just eating something or sitting at home and doing nothing. Why is it so important to move? Because that way you will strengthen your muscles and skin and burn your fat cells. Well ‘burn’ is may not be the correct word, but they will definitely reduce in size and thus your skin will look smoother.

2: Hydration!

Yes nothing new here either! It is really important to drink a lot of water (not coca cola, not tea, not coffee, not lemonade – water!). Water will not only make your skin look better, it will flush out the toxins and other harmly stuff out of your body.

3: Continuation!

You have to be consequent in what you eat, the way you move etc. Seriously, do not ever follow diets that are too strict. In the end you risk to gain more than you lost. Yo yo dieting is very bad for your body: it will only make the situation worse. So, eat healthy all the time (nutrition tips are listed below). Also, if you’re not used to work outs start with something light. It also makes no sense to do fitness 7 days a week the first week and never again. It is much better if you do one workout a week all the time!

The other tips that I found working for me:

  • stretching exercizes are really good too because they make your legs look longer, thinner and prettier;
  • DIY body wraps do wonder for me! I will give you some recipies the other time;
  • anti cellulite creams can be a nice bonus (not the main part!) of your treatment;
  • hand massage can do wonders, too. You do have to find a good specialist.

Nutrition tips:

  1. Eat healthy all the time! You can eat something bad but try not to do it every day. Or at least eat it in the morning – that way you’ll have the least chance for that it will be transformed into fat.
  2. Drink a lot of water!
  3. Try to avoid alcohol as much as possible. It dehydrates your body! Coffee is also not very good…but I can’t tell myself “no!” on this one :D
  4. No junk food!
  5. No sugar drinks (like fabric juices, soda. Especially avoid everything with carbon dioxides!) You can drink fresh juice if you want something different from water.

Good luck!