Makeup Atelier is a very well known and respected brand in the makeup artists world. I wanted to try out their products and eyeshadows for a really long time. In France there is an online shop where you can order everything but as I’ve never tested their products before I was not so sure. So I waited until our next trip to Paris. There we went to the official Makeup Atelier boutique. It is very calm and pretty, all the testers are available and…I was blown away by the quality. It is really good. I particularly fell in love with one pallette: Makeup Atelier T09 palette. The colors are gorgeous! But I also took a simple basic white eyeshadow and I got a whole-sized pigment for free!

makeup atelier eyeshadow photo

Packaging and design:

The eyeshadows are availabe one by one, like refills and like palettes. All the palettes look the same and have the same packaging: plastic, with a transparent top. You can’t choose the colors yourself, they are fixed. What you can do is buy eyeshadows one by one: like I did with my white one. It came in a simple plastic packaging. It fits perfectly in a MAC palette by the way:

makeup atelier eyeshadow

But there’s no magnet on this refill so you’ll have to glue one on to it yourself. For now I just fixed it using double-sided skotch.


The texture is great. The eyeshadows are very silky, pigmented and smooth. They are very easily blendable and look gorgeous together. What I really like about them and what makes them professional quality eyeshadows is that on the eyes they look very much like they do in the box.

Makeup Atelier T09 palette.

This was love from the first sight! I was looking for bridal makeup looks on YouTube and I found swatches for this palette. I was sold, I knew I had to get this one! It has 5 gorgeous shades:

makeup atelier t09

First one (the left one) is a very light, higlighter-shade. It is a pinkish white shimmery shade.

makeup atelier eyeshadow palette t09

The next one (2d from left) is a light barbie pink with a satin finish.

makeup atelier eyeshadow palette t09

The middle shade is a mid-toned lilac-purple with a satin-shimmery finish and tiny, I would say nano, silver glitters. They’re invisible once applied.

makeup atelier eyeshadow palette t09

The second from the right shade is a darker purple greyish, ‘dirty’ purple with a matte finish. This shade is the least pigmented. I am not fan of it on its own.

makeup atelier eyeshadow palette t09

The last shade (the left one) is the darkest purple. It has a matte finish and has nano silver glitters in it. This color is very intense and pigmented, also quite soft. You only need a tiny bit of it to darken up the eye corners.

makeup atelier eyeshadow palette t09

Here are the swatches:
makeup atelier eyeshadow

Makeup Atelier T121 Blanc Eyeshadow.

On the swatches you can also see the white eyeshadow: Makeup Atelier eyeshadow in T121 Blanc. It is a classic, pure, matte white.

makeup atelier t121

Makeup Atelier SP13 Sparkle Violet Pigment.

As for my present, I was quite impressed. A full-sized glittery pigment! Well at least I think it is a full size, maybe they normally have a bigger packaging. Mine is in SP13 Sparkle Violet.

makeup atelier sp13

This shade is a light, quite transpartent, glittery lilac purple.

makeup atelier sp13 sparkle violet

Now the most interesting part: how these eyeshadows look on the eyes. I applied my eyeshadow base – Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion. I never wear any eyeshadow without a primer, actually.

First I applied Makeup Atelier in T121 blanc:

atelier t121 white eyeshadow blanc

Then I did eye look with Makeup Atelier T09 palette:

atelier t09 palette

atelier t09 palette

And in the end I added just a tiny bit of Makeup Atelier SP13 Sparkle Violet in the center of my eyes:

atelier t09 palette pigment

And this is the whole look:

atelier t09 palette

Where can you buy it and price:

I bought my eyeshadows at their official boutique in Paris. You can also order their products online. You can also see all the prices for your country there: Makeup Atelier.