The first message from China! We arrived nicely and I am finally starting to come by after a long trip, time zone change, culture shock and everything. There are so many shopping malls here! It’s crazy. But I will tell you ab out that in a vlog or maybe I’ll film a small China update video…I haven’t decided yet. So as you guess I already did some shopping. I already tried some Asian skin care and makeup products but didn’t really like any of them, that’s why you never saw them back on my website. Right now that I am in China I decided I have to give them another try, especially some of them look really cute and there’s a lot of choise! I heard some good stuff about My Beauty Diary masks and decided to check them out.

my beauty diary photo
my beauty diary
I bought a Christmas pack with 2 x 5 different masks: My Beauty Diary Pearl Mask, Bird’s Nest Mask (what a name!), Aloe Mask, Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Mask, Natto Mask. All the information on these masks is in Chinese and I can’t understand a word, the only thing written in English are the name, ingredients and time.

my beauty diary

My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask.

my beauty diary black pearl mask

I did some research on the internet and it turned out that this mask should whiten the skin (of course, I almost can’t imagine any Asian skin care product without whitening components). And it should resotre skin’s elasticity which sounds great too!

The mask comes in a 1-time use sachet. The mask itself is a sheet mask. It can bea applied really easily: it has plastic on one side of it, so you apply it on your face and peel this plastic off. Perfect! You have to apply it for 20-30 minutes. It sticks really good too so you don’t have to lost these 30 minutes as you can go do your stuff.

The backside of the mask looks like this, may be handy for someone who understands it:

my beauty diary black pearl mask

And the ingredients list:

my beauty diary black pearl mask ingredients

Here’s the before picture:

my beauty diary black pearl mask

This is what the mask looks like once applied:

my beauty diary black pearl mask

I kept it on for about 40 minutes. The result you can see on this picture:

my beauty diary black pearl mask

Overall opinion:

I must say that it was a pleasant experience to apply and wear this mask. It just felt cool and nice and pretty. I don’t think it does a wonderful job in whitening (better for me!) but it did calm my rednesses very well (you can see that especially by comparing the huge pimple on my forehead). After this mask my face felt hydrated, smooth and plumped up. I didn’t need to use a hydrating cream after this mask (but this is also due to this climat here, the smallest amount of hydration is ok). I am with this mask and I can’t wait to try out the other ones!

Overall note: A.

Price: I bought a set of 10 masks for approximately 12 euro.

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