This is the second product from My Beauty Diary that I’m testing: Intensive Double Vitamin C Eye Mask.

my beauty diary vitamin c eye mask

The system is the same: there are 5 sachets in the box, each of them is for one time use. One sachet looks like this:

my beauty diary vitamin c eye mask

Product description:

This mask is supposed to brighten the skin around the eyes and remove any dark circles and puffiness. The main working ingredient is L-ascorbic acid but it also contains a lot of leaf and root extracts and vitamins:

my beauty dairy ingredients

You have to apply it around the eyes just like on this picture:

my beauty diary vitamin c eye mask

Then leave it for 10-15 minutes. That’s what I did. Here’s the before picture:

my beauty diary vitamin c eye mask

Here I applied the mask:

my beauty diary vitamin c eye mask

This is the result:

my beauty diary vitamin c eye mask

Actually it was a pleasure to use this mask. It was raining outside and I had nowhere to run to so I applied this mask and relaxed. I must tell you that I was surprised when I heard the phone alarm ringing! Once the mask is applied I started to feel the mask working. The feeling was like if I had applied mint but without the cooling part. Quite a pleasant feeling. The only thing I didn’t like about this mask was the scent: it smelled like absinthe or something like that.

Overall opinion on My Beauty Diary Intensive Double Vitamin C Eye Mask:

Besides the pleasant experience of relaxing with this mask, I think it actually did a great job brightening up my eye area! My purple dark circles look more pink now wow I am impressed! Also the wrinkle situation has become a bit better. Even though there is not much difference, I can still see some! I can’t say it did an awesome job on hydration: I still needed to apply my eye cream after. But it’s not supposed to be a purely hydrating mask, either, so it’s ok. All in all, I like everything about this mask: the way it treated my eye area, how it brightened up my dark circles, the relaxing! I recommend!

Overall note: A.

Where can you buy it:

I bought mine in a shopping mall in China but you can order it online at or at ebay.