I think I seriously underestimated the importance of this kind of products. It’s only now, here in China, where the climat is hot and humid, I start to understand how important it is to have something extra that will make sure that your makeup will still be there in the end of the day.

When we came here, I thought it was impossible to ever wear makeup here. I watched Asian women, some of which wear a lot of makeup, in this heat and asked myself: ‘How are they doing it?’ Besides that they’re used to this climate, I couldn’t think of any other reason. Then I remembered about this product I bought in Paris just before departure. I had a choice to make: never ever wear makeup here or try to think of something and find a scheme that will work for me. Of course, I am makeup addicted so I could not ever possible choose to walk around without any makeup for the six coming months. And yeah I am so glad I took that decision and gave this product a try!

It comes in a carton box, very simple but I absolutely love this colorful print. So joyful!

urban decay de slick setting spray

This is the product description that can be found on it:

urban decay de slick

The bottle itself is very basic. It is white and has the same kind of print as the carton box.

urban decay de slick

Now about the way that I apply it. I found the perfect scheme that works for me here:

First I apply my face cream as usual. Then I spritz a bit of Urban Decay De Slick spray all over my face. Then I apply Revlon Photoready primer. Then I do my makeup and in the end I fix it using this spray again. And guess what? It lasts until the evening!

Overall opinion:

This is a perfect solution for someone who lives in a hot, humid climate or if your skin is oily. It really makes sure your makeup will last until the evening, it balances out the oil production and even if I feel like sweating a lot, I look in the mirror and find my face looking good. It doesn’t clog my pores. Neither leaves it a greasy film. It just lets my skin breathe my does its work at the same time. I recommend it!

Overall note: A+!

Here is the ingredients list:

urban decay de slick ingredients

Where can you buy it: