Part 2 of my Asian beauty haul! All of the products that I showed in this video are inexpensive :)

Product list:
Miine Hair tape
Miine oil control sheets lavender
Hair loops
makeup sponge
Mentholatum silky bb cream sun play skin aqua (silky is for oily/combination skin, there is also moisture which is for dry/normal skin)
Mentholatum UV tinted milk spf 30 pa ++
Inoherb exfoliating gel
Inoherb revitalizing sleeping mask
Watsons olive oil rose

Where can you buy it:

If you’re in China you can find a lot of this stuff in shops like Watsons (drugstore), Mannings (drugstore) and Vanguard (supermarket). Oherwise you can find the gadgets on ebay, and BB cream and sunscreen on sasa.